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‘Pali Drill’ by Rumii intertwines Rajasthani Folk with UK underground Hip Hop

Mumbai, 24th November 2023: Rumii has released his latest track “Pali Drill”. The track is a testament to the boundless possibilities of cross-cultural collaboration and the art of reinventing tradition. In “Pali Drill,” Rumii artfully intertwines the rich heritage of Rajasthani folk music with the gritty, urban vibes of the UK underground hip-hop scene. The […]

Shreya Sharma and Diana Drill come together for ‘Heart On My Sleeve’

Mumbai, 24th November 2023: Shreya Sharma and Diana Drill have come together for ‘Heart On My Sleeve’, a song that captures emotions in its rawest form. The song showcases writing prowess of Shreya and her range that covers Pop to Dance to Intense music. This intense track adds furthermore to her diverse catalogue. Talking about […]

Siddhant Bhosle releases ‘Jaan Leva’, a song that will connect with one and all

Mumbai, 23rd November 2023: ‘Jaan Leva’ is a heartbreak-themed pop song sung & composed by Siddhant Bhosle. It expresses the inner turmoil of being unable to let go of past love. The lyrics hauntingly portray the lingering pain of memories that can last long after a relationship has ended. Siddhant’s silky vocals flowing with an […]

“SAANJH” by House Of TUNEMAN: A fusion of cultures in electronica

Mumbai, 23rd November 2023: House Of TUNEMAN, the moniker of Delhi-based house music producer and DJ, Karan Dhingra, is here with his latest release “‘SAANJH’ is like a musical hug for winter vibes! It’s got that serene, chill feel that screams fall season – you know, cozy nights and good vibes. The track isn’t all […]

Nikitaa unveils a raw and emotional journey with ‘Truman Show’

Mumbai, 17th November 2023: Singer-songwriter Nikitaa’s latest release, “Truman Show,” offers a poignant reflection on societal issues and personal struggles. Released today, the track, written and produced by Nikitaa, delves into her intimate experiences, notably the friendships lost after revealing her genderfluid identity earlier this year. The artist shares her story of being unwittingly cast […]

Alok Ranjan Srivastava’s ‘Bhapp’ from debut album ‘Ishq Mein’ is a tribute to Gulzar

Mumbai, 10th November 2023: Lyricist and poet Alok Ranjan Srivastava known for some of his prominent projects like Azaad Sangeet S1 & S2, Kota Factory S2, Modern love: Mumbai and Faraaz has released the first track from his debut album called Ishq Mein. The track is called “Bhapp”, and it is a melodious easy listening track […]

KULTARGOTBOUNCE & Shally Rehal drop upbeat single “Nazran” ahead of MIDNIGHT 2 album

Mumbai, 2nd November 2023: Fresh from a successful tour alongside Toronto legend FATEH, the dynamic duo of KULTARGOTBOUNCE and Shally Rehal are keeping the momentum going with their latest single, “Nazran.” This upbeat and fun track is the second of eight singles slated for release before the year’s end, and it’s bound to capture the […]

Neeraj Rajawat’s latest release “Zaroori Saman” tugs the heartstrings

Mumbai, 2nd November 2023: In the vibrant world of music, singer-songwriter Neeraj Rajawat is making waves with his latest release, “Zaroori Saman.” This heartfelt track, which falls under the fun and romantic genre, touches on themes of love, longing, and the bitter reality of separation. “Zaroori Saman” tells the poignant story of a lover who […]

Gouri and Aksha’s latest release ‘Take Me Back’ is a Nostalgic Journey

Take Me Back is a celebration of all the experiences that make you who you are. Mumbai, 31st October 2023: The duo of Gouri and Aksha, known for their innovative soundscapes, have returned with a mesmerising new release titled “Take Me Back”. This marks the departure from their previous releases and is a new beginning, […]

Khanvict, Raaginder & Rashmeet Kaur’s ‘Devotion’ weaves a tapestry of love

Mumbai, 27th October 2023: “Devotion,” a captivating track from Khanvict and Raaginder’s highly anticipated EP, “Arrival,” marks a collaboration with the multi-genre sensation, Rashmeet Kaur. In this soul-stirring sufi-inspired composition, the trio weaves a tapestry of love through a harmonious blend of Rashmeet’s evocative vocals, Khanvict’s signature bass mastery, and Raaginder’s enchanting violin melodies. “Devotion” […]