Monthly Archives: January 2024

Madhur Sharma pours his grief into a soulful melody with ‘Woh Mulaqat’

Mumbai, 31st January 2023: Singer-Songwriter Madhur Sharma, known for his emotional and resonant compositions, reveals the poignant journey behind his latest track, ‘Woh Mulaqat.’ Composed by Chirag Soni and written by Vishal Pande, this soulful melody takes listeners through the intricate exploration of losing someone you love. In ‘Woh Mulaqat’, Madhur Sharma eloquently expresses the […]

Believe acquires White Hill Music catalogue reinforcing its leadership position in India

Mumbai, 31st January 2023: Believe, one of the world’s leading digital music companies, announces today the acquisition of White Hill Music’s premium Punjabi music catalog, confirming the strength of its partnership-based approach to local label and artists development, and its position as the best strategic partner for growing local labels. This acquisition is the result […]

Fotty Seven’s ‘OK Report’ enthrals with his signature blend of street rap and trap music

Mumbai, 30th January 2023: Fotty Seven, the versatile emcee hailing from Gurugram, releases his latest single, “OK Report,” with Def Jam Recordings India label. With his latest track, Fotty Seven promises to enthral audiences with a captivating fusion of street rap, trap beats, and his distinctive mix of humour and self-absorbing lyricism. Known for his […]

Sakshi Chopra unveils debut single “Ghosts” – A fusion of Indian roots & contemporary pop

Mumbai, 29th January 2024: Sakshi Chopra presents her English debut single “Ghosts” which is sung, written and composed by her. It is a blend of her Indian heritage and a contemporary pop-infused sound. This emotionally charged track delves into the haunting echoes of a past love, where memories linger like ghosts in the singer’s heart. […]

Valentine’s Day arrives early with Tulsi Kumar & Vishal Mishra’s “Meri Zindagi” feat. Jiya Shankar & Harsh Beniwal

Mumbai, 29th January 2024: With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Tulsi Kumar has given fans a beautiful love anthem sung by Vishal Mishra and her. The song produced by Bhushan Kumar is called ‘Meri Zindagi’. The video has been shot in the snow-clad mountains of Manali and features Tulsi Kumar with Jiya Shankar and Harsh […]

‘Na Ja’ offers listeners a chance to experience Jyoti’s innermost thoughts

Mumbai, 28th January 2024: California based independent singer, songwriter and producer Jyoti Kavi made an impact with her previous release Sukoon and now is all set to make yet another impact with her latest release “Na Ja”. Enveloping the heartfelt pleas of a lover in surreal flutes and haunting melodies, ‘Na Ja’ is a simple yet emotional […]

Approach to Hip Hop doesn’t change whether you are an underground or a commercial artist: MC Square

Abhishek Baisla aka MC Square is a rapper, lyricist and a rising phenomena from Faridabad, Haryana who has been soaring heights with every passing year. His name MC Square comes from his keen interest in science. MC Square means energy, Abhishek Baisla is the energy and hence, MC Square = Abhishek Baisla. He has recently […]

Tarita releases her first single ‘Digital Void’

Mumbai, 24th January 2024: Sindhuja Sankaran aka Tarita has recently released her first single ‘Digital Void’. The track is a poignant exploration of the emotional landscape shaped by the modern phenomenon of ghosting. Stream the song here: Talking about the song Tarita says, “Born from a self-imposed weekly songwriting challenge, this track delves deep into […]

VYRL Originals opens 2024 with “Dil Kya Kare” – a heartfelt reimagination of a timeless classic

Mumbai, 19th January 2024: VYRL Originals has released “Dil Kya Kare”, a captivating reimagination of the timeless classic by Lijo in soulful voices of Stebin Ben and Asees Kaur. Released yesterday, this musical gem is set to take listeners on a nostalgic journey with a modern twist that captures the highs of teenage romance. “Dil […]

A Glorious Flashback to Vh1 Supersonic’s best!

Mumbai, 19th January 2024: Vh1 Supersonic kicked off as an EDM fest, but its musical metamorphosis turned it into a wild mixtape of genres. As we rewind the tape of past glory, reminiscing about the high-octane magic that Machine Gun Kelly, Marshmello, Anne Marie, Zedd, and Macklemore brought to the Vh1 Supersonic stage, we can’t […]