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Rishi Kumar unveils his latest track ‘Meri Kahaani Tu’

Mumbai, 26th October 2023: Rishi Kumar, a new age indie artist, is poised to enrapture audiences once more with his latest musical creation. Renowned for producing hit tracks like “Kyun,” “Mere Ho Tum,” and “Suno,” Rishi Kumar has recently embarked on an exhilarating new venture, stepping into the spotlight as a singer with his debut […]

Prady J’s latest release ‘Aati Jaati Aankhen’ is a mesmerising track!

Mumbai, 20th October 2023: Prady J is back with his second single. ‘Aati Jaati Aankhen’ is a mesmerising and captivating track recorded in the famous Camden Studios in London and shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Watch the song here: Indian musician, banker and chemical engineer Prady J has been cooking up a storm across the […]

Rahul Advani’s “Oh My” is inspired by element of nature

Track available across all streaming platforms Mumbai, 20th October 2023: Singer-songwriter Rahul Advani has released his second single “Oh My” today. Following his debut single “Ready To Breathe”, the track draws from Rahul’s struggles with self-doubt. The song’s introspective lyrics and anthemic chorus celebrate what it means to find strength in one’s vulnerability. For this […]

SimJ’s ‘Jaadugari’ sets the perfect vibe for a late night drive!

Mumbai, 19th October 2023: Singer, Songwriter and Composer SimJ’s latest single will leave you feeling giddy with love! The song is streaming across all major platforms. Watch the song here: Talking about the song she says, “’Jadugari’ is a song about those magical moments with a loved one that you’d want to hold onto forever, […]

Pratsofficial’s ‘Naina’ is a captivating musical journey through love and longing

Mumbai, 18th October 2023: IndieA Records releases a soul-stirring and heartfelt musical journey ‘Naina,’ by the talented artist Pratsofficial. This enchanting song promises to take listeners on a profound journey through the depths of love and longing, evoking a sense of nostalgia and unwavering desire for a love that transcends time and distance. Watch the […]

Sinh’s ‘YSL’ takes you to the realm of intimate fantasies and encounters

Mumbai, 18th October 2023: R&B singer-songwriter Omsinh Solanki aka Sinh has released his latest track ‘YSL’. His previous tracks include ‘I Will Come Around’, ‘Bolo Na’ and ‘Anjaane’. ‘YSL’ is a mesmerizing and captivating song that delves deep into the realm of intimate fantasies and encounters. With a sensual ambiance and a laid-back beat, this […]

Mali’s ‘Semi Automatic Butane’ is a gritty alt pop anthem

Mumbai, 18th October 2023: Mali takes a sharp turn, leaving behind the echoes of lost love to delve into the realities of addiction in her new single ‘Semi Automatic Butane’. The result is a gritty sounding alt pop anthem drawing parallels between the intoxicating grip of compulsive behaviour and the trigger-happy impulses within us all. […]

Eshita Chowdhury and Anurag Mishra collaborate for soulful ‘Ishq Firozi’

Mumbai, 17th October 2023: After releasing her debut track ‘Ek Bholi Si’, Eshita Chowdhury has released her latest track ‘Ishq Firozi’. This song is her second collaboration with composer Anurag Mishra. ‘Ishq Firozi’ is a musical fusion single sung by Eshita and beautifully composed by Anurag Mishra that echoes the rhythms of the heart and […]

Yohan, RUUH and Riya Duggal come together for the fun ride that is ‘Maan Ja Zara’

Mumbai, 13th October 2023: Maan Ja Zara is a reminder to stop overthinking, get out of your own way & enjoy the world as it is. The lyrics talks about freeing ourselves from doubt, allowing ourselves to grow & exploring the beauty around us. Watch the song here: Talking about video Yohan said, “To be […]

Rohan Solomon unveils his symphony-meets-pop concept album, ‘Strung Out To Dry’

Mumbai, 12th October 2023: New Delhi/New York-based singer-songwriter, composer and producer Rohan Solomon is ready to take listeners on an unforgettable journey with his studio album, ‘Strung Out To Dry’, released today. This exceptional release is not another regular album; it’s a conceptual and orchestral masterpiece that seamlessly merges the popular format of music with […]