Shreya Jain and Rishi Kumar release “Akele Hum”, a beautiful collaboration!

Mumbai, 30th November 2023: “Akele Hum,” the soulful collaboration between the talented Shreya Jain and versatile Indie artist Rishi Kumar, is now officially released and making waves in the indie music scene. This song, which hit the airwaves today, is proving to be a feast for the senses.

Rishi Kumar, known for his distinctive vocal style and hits like “Kyun” and “Mere Ho Tum,” brings his talent to “Akele Hum”. His ability to convey profound emotions through his singing perfectly complements the heartfelt essence of the song.

Shreya Jain adds her magic to the mix. With successful releases under her belt, she joins forces with Rishi in “Akele Hum,” delivering a performance that is leaving an enduring impact on listeners.

Watch the lyrical video song here:

“Akele Hum” dives into themes of solitude, self-discovery, and the universal human experience. The melody, wrapped in rich instrumentation and evocative arrangements, elevates the song to a level of sonic excellence.

Rishi Kumar, reflecting on this collaboration, says, “Akele Hum – a tale of two broken hearts longing for each other. People write these kinds of songs after breakups etc, but I came up with the hook of the song after not topping my semester music exam 😅 I always wanted to collaborate with Shreya Jain didi, and once Anshul ji and I finished the lyric writing part, I knew there was no one else who could sing the female parts..”

If you haven’t experienced the magic yet, it’s time to tune in and let the spellbinding collaboration between Shreya Jain and Rishi Kumar captivate your soul. Brace yourselves for an experience that transcends boundaries, captivates the senses, and marks a new era in musical collaboration.

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