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‘Dhun’ by Sarthak unites cultural roots with contemporary appeal

Mumbai, 20th December 2023: ‘Dhun’ marks Sarthak’s second release, following his first release, ‘Phase,’ which garnered an impressive 33,147 streams, secured a spot on the Spotify playlist: Fresh Finds and was added to Best of Fresh Finds of 2022. The track received widespread recognition, being featured on various radio stations and major independent platforms. ‘Dhun’ […]

Qoini’s song ‘Blueprint’ and the EP ‘Sone Ki Khaan’ make for a compelling listen!

Mumbai, 19th December 2023: Qoini aka Aditya Guglani, recently released his latest song “Blueprint” along with the release of his EP “Sone Ki Khaan”. Sone Ki Khaan is a collection of songs depicting the enticing, confusing and vulnerable lives of all those who call Delhi home. This EP weaves the story of everyone in the […]

Aniya’s ‘Aao Na Yahaan’ embodies the essence of hope and life

Mumbai, 15th December 2023: Having previously released a series of original songs in English and Assamese language, Aniya’s fusion of her American and Indian roots has seen her resonate with a plethora of listeners. And now Aniya has released her latest track Aao Na Yahan. Embodying the essence of hope and spirit, ‘Aao Na Yahaan’ […]

Tanya Shanker’s ‘Phoenix’ is about resilience and fight!

Mumbai, 11th December 2023: 18-year-old singer songwriter, Tanya Shanker, is back with her latest track ‘Phoenix’. ‘Phoenix’ showcases Tanya’s compelling vocals and natural flair for effortlessly switching between soft intonations and fiery belts. Fusing classic pop timbres with striking electric guitar riffs, ‘Phoenix’ firmly cements Tanya as one of the most diverse pop rock artists within […]

Kharbanda continues experimenting with his latest release ‘Super Dumb’

Mumbai, 11th December 2023: ‘Super Dumb’ is Kharbanda’s 5th original single where he continues his experimentation with new genres and vocal styles. Kharbanda goes back to his electronic production days in this one, with a heavy synth filled drop and trap drums. The melodic pop/r&b style vocals carry the theme, which portrays a mind lost […]

Eshita Chowdhury and Anurag Mishra release ‘Tumse Mangu Aur Kya’, last track from her debut EP

Mumbai, 9th December 2023: Embark on a captivating musical journey with the dynamic duo, Eshita Chowdhury and Anurag Mishra, as they unveil the final song from their highly anticipated EP. Following the enchanting releases of “Ek Bholi Si” and “Ishq Firozi,” the duo presents their latest track, “Tumse Mangu Aur Kya”. Watch the song here: […]

‘Haan Bhool Ja’ By Yohan Marshall ft. Lothika is for the broken hearts!

Mumbai, 8th December 2023: Here’s a song about losing our way while doing the bravest thing we could ever do: Loving someone. Packed with vocal harmonies, bittersweet lyrics & a hard hitting rhythm section “Haan Bhool Ja” is an anthem for the broken-hearted. Haan bhool ja, Haan bhag le Kyun duur ja ke bhi quareeb […]

Allen Ling’s musical trilogy with Dave Lopez culminates with ‘Remember’

New Delhi, 5th December 2023: Allen Ling seems like the kind of artist who should have been strumming his way through life’s great concert halls decades ago. Born to immigrant parents in California, the singer-songwriter was composing songs with the kind of fervour that would make lesser musicians wilt. By 20, he had penned over […]

Get ready to be merry: Rohan Solomon drops heartwarming ‘It’s Christmas’ video

New Delhi, 5th December 2023: New Delhi-based singer-songwriter and producer Rohan Solomon is closing his 20 musical anniversary year, with a full -length album and a celebratory new music video for his beloved single, It’s Christmas. Following the song’s phenomenal success on the global radio charts in 2021, where it peaked at an impressive no. 5, […]

Zachary Ray & Shreya Bhattacharya’s ‘Moving On’: A musical odyssey of growth & renewal

Mumbai, 1st November 2023: In the ever-evolving landscape of music, the collaborative prowess of artists like Zachary Ray and Shreya Bhattacharya shines brightly. Their latest release, “Moving On,” unveiled on November 3, 2023, offers an immersive experience that transcends genres, blending elements of Indie Pop and Experimental Electronic to create a truly unique sound. The […]