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July 2024: As an artist, I would want to become one of the biggest globally: Deedar Kaur

From Panipat to Tinsel Town, Deedar Kaur has seen a journey not many can even dream about. The benchmarks were set high at home, and she only looks determined to surpass them as she goes ahead. Having been signed by Times Music as an exclusive artist, Deedar is a star performer, on screen and on […]

May 2024: It’s all about the process and focusing on a longer-term vision: Raveena Mehta

Raveena Mehta, an Indian-Belgian artist is one of the fast-rising names in the industry. Independent in the truest sense, she has been creating a soundscape that she believes in and resonates with. Trained in Indian Classical and Western contemporary since the age of 6, her first album, “From Deep Within”, came out at the age […]

April 2024: Of Collaboration, Sound and Mumbai Magic: Shalmali, Natania and Subhi

Shalmali, Natania and Subhi came together for ‘Mumbai Magic’ on Desi Trill. A song that captures the essence of Mumbai, a City of Dreams and Hustle, ‘Mumbai Magic’ has a sound that is bound to keep you hooked. We had an interaction with the artists to delve deeper into the song, the vibes and their […]

February 2024: My success in Romania didn’t matter, I had to forget of my past achievements and hustle again: Iulia Vantur

It’s not common that someone leaves his or her well established career to move to a different country, all new, and press the restart button of life all over again. It needs courage, belief and a lot of hustle to create a fresh identity, devoid of any past achievements. This is what Iulia Vantur has […]

January 2024: I would want to be an album artist, that comes, drops an album and then takes a break: Raga

Ravi Mishra, popularly known as Raga, is a rapper from Delhi. Having been in the scene for over 12 years, he has developed a dedicated fan base, which swears by his name. Later half in 2023, Raga was signed by Def Jam India, making him foray into endless possibilities with the art and characterization of […]

November 2023: My goal is to always create music with the hope that others can relate to: Madhur Sharma

Madhur Sharma is glowing in glory and why not, he has been swaying audiences with his magical voice and beautiful songs. One of the rising stars of the Indian music industry, Madhur Sharma recently released a song with IndieA Records, a label under Universal Music India. Called ‘Samandar Sharaab’, the song has received ecstatic love […]

October 2023: We need to let art compete with art, over and beyond gender differentiation: Sushant Divgikar

Sushant Divgikar AKA Rani Ko-He-Nur are Namaslaying the world in a way not many have done. From Bandra to the world, their story gives inspiration, instils courage, and empowers people to be who they are. They are one of the finest performing artiste-singer, actor and equal rights champion we have seen in the contemporary times. […]

August 2023: Three most important things for me are dedication, passion and manifestation: Zahrah S Khan

Zahrah S Khan has been one of the most trending artists in the past few months and it is not a surprise. A multi-talent powerhouse, she has been acting, singing, collaborating, performing live, possibly doing everything that one can, at the big stage. For August Digital Cover, we had an interaction with Zahrah, upon the […]

July 2023: You need to go where your work takes you: Tulsi Kumar

Tulsi Kumar doesn’t really need an introduction. One of the most prominent artists in the Indian music industry, Tulsi has been winning fans all over the world since years! after giving numerous blockbuster songs in films and indie music, She recently started a music series, Truly Konnected, giving her fans a new sound and newer […]

May 2023: There is a growing acceptance among listeners for new voices and songs: Asees Kaur

Asees Kaur’s journey towards music started at a very young age of five when she used to sing Gurbani. As she took more interest and talent was there to support, she became a prominent voice in the music industry. She has recently released her debut non film song ‘I Don’t Give A’, which is a […]