Kharbanda continues experimenting with his latest release ‘Super Dumb’

Mumbai, 11th December 2023: ‘Super Dumb’ is Kharbanda’s 5th original single where he continues his experimentation with new genres and vocal styles. Kharbanda goes back to his electronic production days in this one, with a heavy synth filled drop and trap drums. The melodic pop/r&b style vocals carry the theme, which portrays a mind lost in awe and the dilemmas it comes across in that state.

Stream the song here:

Kharbanda is a multi-genre independent record producer, songwriter & rapper from Bhopal, India. Not bound to a genre, his styles range from Electronic & Dance music to HipHop/R&B and Melodic Rap. Ayush Kharbanda started his musical journey by training in rhythm and percussion instruments which later became the reason for experimental drum arrangements in his beat productions. Combining these drums with Bass, Melodies and Catchy Hooks, each track he puts out has his essence to it. He started making EDM and Hip Hop beats under the alias “AYKAY,” but as he explored and progressed with his artistic abilities, began writing/singing on these beats, a new name and persona was called for. “Kharbanda” being his real surname makes him feel more connected to his truer self and a self within, exactly where the music flows from, a lot of which is in the works for the coming year.

Go “Super Dumb” with Kharbanda this winter! Streaming now on your favourite service.

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