Tanya Shanker’s ‘Phoenix’ is about resilience and fight!

Mumbai, 11th December 2023: 18-year-old singer songwriter, Tanya Shanker, is back with her latest track ‘Phoenix’. ‘Phoenix’ showcases Tanya’s compelling vocals and natural flair for effortlessly switching between soft intonations and fiery belts. Fusing classic pop timbres with striking electric guitar riffs, ‘Phoenix’ firmly cements Tanya as one of the most diverse pop rock artists within India, as she prepares to take her music international.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track Tanya says, “Phoenix is a pop rock ballad written about resilience and rising above challenges. It uses the metaphor of a ‘Phoenix’ to display bouncing back from obstacles and never giving up even when others bring you down. The song is an ode to fighters all across the world and people who turn their tragedies into their muse. Ultimately, it is a song about fighting for what you believe in and not letting failure define you.”

Hailing from Bangalore, Tanya shot straight into the spotlight at age 14 with her debut EP ‘Battlefield’ and since then there has been no stopping her. Combining anthemic choruses with delicate piano motifs, ‘Phoenix’ takes you on a journey you will not forget. A powerful pop ballad, Tanya truly is a master of her craft as she captivates listeners with her emotive lyrics and moving performances.  

The track features numerous artists from all around the globe, Bobbybeebob from Australia, Manou Rao from France and Jaime Dudley and Aadarsh Subramaniam from India. The track is produced by Tanya’s mentor and manager, Richard Andrew Dudley.

Tanya’s undeniable talent and electric live performance has seen her take the stage across numerous Indian cities and festivals, including the Under 25 fest and Nagaland’s prestigious Hornbill Festival. Following a series of collaborations with the likes of D. Imman, Sandeep Chowta, Suresh Peters and more, Tanya’s fresh approach and raw talent has caught the eyes of big names across India and she has performed with the likes of bands like the Girish and the Chronicles. She proves ready and posed to take the stage and dominate the international arena.

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