Vasuda Sharma & Rupin Suchak release ‘Sang Tere’, an anniversary special!

Mumbai, 27th November 2023: Celebrity Interior designer and production designer, Rupin Suchak adds another feather to his illustrious hat as released his debut single ‘Sang Tere’ along with his wife, artist/singer Vasuda Sharma. The couple has released this song as their anniversary special!

Stream the song here:

Commenting on the track, Vasuda Sharma says “Rupin and I love singing duets all the time at friends and family get togethers. Writing a song about us has been on my mind and when I wrote ‘Sang Tere’ I knew I wanted to have him sing this one with me as this is ‘Our’ song.”

‘Sang Tere’ is a heartfelt love song that beautifully captures the essence of a deep and everlasting connection between two people. The song narrates the joy of experiencing life’s most precious moments like watching the sun rise and witnessing it set with the love your one’s life beside them.  The lyrics express a profound sense of togetherness, portraying one’s partner as a true companion and confidant. The song celebrates a partner’s role as a loving caretaker, a playful prankster and an accomplice in life’s adventures, including sharing the wildest and happiest moments. ‘Sang Tere’ is a celebration of the profound and unbreakable bond between two individuals who cherish every moment spent together.

Rupin Suchak says “When Vasu made me listen to the song, I instantly knew It was Us. I was thrilled when she asked me to sing this along with her. I knew I had to work hard for this but was equally excited knowing that my dream of singing on stage might just come true”.

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