‘Haan Bhool Ja’ By Yohan Marshall ft. Lothika is for the broken hearts!

Mumbai, 8th December 2023: Here’s a song about losing our way while doing the bravest thing we could ever do: Loving someone. Packed with vocal harmonies, bittersweet lyrics & a hard hitting rhythm section “Haan Bhool Ja” is an anthem for the broken-hearted. Haan bhool ja, Haan bhag le Kyun duur ja ke bhi quareeb hai.

Watch the song here:

Written from the perspective of someone who is trying to console a friend in their moment of sadness. This earworm keeps you locked in a groove while delivering a rather complex message about loss, heart break & finding your feet again all while maintaining an extremely positive outlook & feel.

Talking about the song Yohan says, “I love working with Lothika, she is such a close friend & has a unique ability of bringing a rawness & emoting trough just a few notes. Her vocals in the Chorus & Bridge really elevate the emotional depth on this composition”. This arrangement, composition & production is a perfect example of not over doing things. To allow the vocals & groove elements to take centre-stage, the melody rests over a simple yet strong chord structure & the arrangement although simple has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep you locked in.

The images & promo-video material shot by Aarish Bhathena represent both the jovial, carefree nature of the music as well as the feeling of looking back at someone who hurt you & wishing them nothing but love that is reflected in the lyrics.  We also have some interesting live footage with some guests coming up. We can’t wait to share it with you.    

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