Monthly Archives: December 2023

Nandan and Stutee’s ‘Noor-e-Jabeen’ is an emotional ride

Mumbai, 31st December 2023: Music composer & performer Nandan Borker has recently released his latest track ‘Noor-e-Jabeen’ written and composed by him and it is a sincere attempt to encapsulate the profound journey of a bride on her wedding day, a moment steeped in emotions that resonate with the human soul.  The track is beautifully sung by […]

Tips Music unveils “Latka” featuring the sensational duo, Zaara Yesmin & Siddharth Nigam

The song is a mesmerizing recreation of a timeless original by A R Rahman Mumbai, 28th December 2023: Transport yourself on a nostalgic musical journey with the captivating vocals of Amit Mishra and Shilpa Surroch, skilfully composed by The Real Emotions and lyrically brought to life by Ubaid Taj. This version of the song, destined […]

Mayur Rao beautifully expresses the unrequited love in his song ‘Ishq Tu Mera’

Mumbai, 28th December 2023: Have you ever had a feeling of loving your closest friend romantically but you know she is with someone else and can never be yours, but you will keep on loving for her forever? Well, this is the emotion of the song ‘Ishq Tu Mera’ sung and composed by Mayur Rao. […]

“Khafa” by One Creative Mind is a poignant song for all to experience

Mumbai, 28th December 2023: One Creative Man, a singer songwriter from Dehradun, has released ‘Khafa’ recently. The song explores the intricate landscape of emotions, where feelings take the shape of whispers echoing in the corners of the mind. Talking about the song Ravish Sundriyal aka One Creative Man says, “It captures the essence of those […]

RetroMind releases their first pop song, and you won’t get over it anytime soon!

Mumbai, 26th December 2023: What starts with an intimate Lo-Fi vibe, becomes a catchy loop which will get stuck in your head. Presenting, All the Way – RetroMind’s first dreamy-pop song, which is about the complexities of relationships, figuring out the nuances of human behaviour and the power of love. With its dreamy melodies and […]

UDAY Pandhi claims the POCO MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT trophy!

MTV Hustle creates history! FEMCEE Dee MC takes pride as the winner of this season Uday Pandhi, and OG Hustler trophy titleholder 100RBH make her Squad proud! Delhi’s Uday Pandhi, from DEE MC Dynamites declared the undisputed champion of the third season of India’s greatest rap battleground Mumbai, 25th December 2023: India’s groundbreaking rap reality […]

It is a song with classical bandish and hip-hop genre fusion to it: Vanitaa Pande

Vanitaa Pande, after a successful collaboration with Saregama two years back with ‘Charkha Chanan Da’, has released her latest track ‘Saiyaan Jee’. The song is a fusion between classical music and Hip Hop, rap duties taken over by Mellow D and the music is by Hiten Sharma. With lyrics by Raas & Mellow D and […]

Guru Randhawa and King make the Grand Finale of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT grander!

Mumbai, 24th December 2023: MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT is all set for its Grand Finale, poised to mark a revolutionary Desi hip-hop evolution. Tonight’s episode will be a celebration, culminating in one deserving hustler claiming the trophy! The episode kicks off with Squad Bosses and Badshah deliberating in the Huddle Room about their top three […]

Ikka’s “Only Love Gets Reply” with T-Series goes big!

Unveils more songs of the album in blockbuster collaborations with Diljit Dosanjh, Badshah and Karan Aujla Mumbai, 22nd December 2023: Renowned rapper Ikka, hailing from New Delhi, is set to captivate the hip-hop scene once again with his upcoming album, “Only Love Gets Reply.” In an exciting collaboration with T-Series, Ikka is joining forces with […]

Raag’s latest track ‘Jaana’ blends Indian lyrics with International Dance Pop

Mumbai, 21st December 2023: Raag has released his latest track ‘Jaana’ a vibrant pop fusion dance anthem that seamlessly blends Hindi/Punjabi lyrics with international dance pop beats. The song draws inspiration from Raag’s own experiences and observations of modern relationships, capturing the essence of love in the digital age. The lyrics, crafted in collaboration with […]