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Rishi Kumar debuts as a singer with ‘Raah De’

Mumbai, 21st September 2023: Rishi Kumar, from producing popular tracks like “Kyun”, “Mere Ho Tum”, and “Suno”, has made his debut as a singer with his latest single “Raah De”. It’s always a significant moment for an artist to step into a new role within the music industry. “Raah De” seems like a special and […]

Vatsal Chawla aka VAT releases his debut single ‘Kal Tak”

Mumbai, 18th September 2023: Vatsal Chawla aka VAT has announced his arrival in the Indie pop scene with his first single “Kal Tak”. The song is performed, written and produced by VAT himself and the music video features VAT and Siaa Sindhwani. Watch the song here: Speaking about the track VAT says “Kal Tak encapsulates […]

A L R collaborates with Bagus Bhaskara from Indonesia for music video of his debut single “Under The Sheets”

Mumbai, 12th September 2023: A L R, the stage name of the talented singer-songwriter Abhilash LR, is poised to captivate music enthusiasts once more with the release of the reprise version of his debut hit single, “Under The Sheets,” accompanied by a stunning music video. Originally introduced in 2019, “Under The Sheets” swiftly garnered critical […]

Eshita Chowdhury collaborates with Anurag Mishra for her latest release “Ek Bholi Si”

Mumbai, 9th September 2023: Eshita Chowdhury has released her latest track “Ek Bholi Si”, her first single from a string of tracks planned this year. This single is a collaboration with indie artist Anurag Mishra who has brilliantly composed the track. Speaking about the track, Eshita says ” Ek Bholi Si” is my debut single […]

Ahmad Shaad releases ‘Abr’, a tale of exquisite yearning

Mumbai, 28th August 2023: After the success of the previous release ‘Sahiba’, Ahmad Shaad has released his next music video called ‘Abr’. Abr weaves a tale of exquisite yearning, a delicate tapestry of both anguish and splendour. It paints metaphorical strokes, casting the young man as Earth and the maiden as Sky. Earth’s unyielding longing […]

Rishi Kumar releases ‘Kyun’ 7th & final track of his second album, “Ishq’’

Mumbai, 25th August 2023: Music enthusiasts can rejoice as talented composer and producer Rishi Kumar presents his latest masterpiece, “Kyun”. This soulful Hindi song is a collaboration between gifted singers Akanksha Sethi and Keshuv Huria, complemented by heartfelt lyrics by Rishi Kumar and Anshul Mathur. Kyun is the 7th & final track of Rishi Kumar’s […]

Niloy Roy talks about the consistency of individual efforts through his latest single “Sadaa”

Mumbai, 24th August 2023: Singer/Songwriter Niloy Roy has recently released his latest single “Sadaa” which is out on all audio platforms. This happens to be his 5th original single, a song which stresses upon the message that success is as much about consistency as it is about hard work. Stream the song here “Sadaa” is […]

‘Mere Makaan’ by Aabha Hanjura tells a tale

Mumbai, 24th August 2023: ‘Mere Makaan’ is a soulful ballad that gives voice to many unresolved feelings through the universally unifying feeling of nostalgia. It talks to those of us living away from our roots and the song delves into emotions that ensue when your childhood home becomes a faded memory. Inspired by true events, […]

Frizzell D’souza revisits “New” to create an intimate, stripped-down acoustic rendition

Photo Credit: Prathviraj Shastry Mumbai, 17th August 2023: “New” was Frizzell’s debut release and the one that helped launch her career. Over the years, New has seeped into people’s playlists and has also become a crowd favourite at her shows. By revisiting her debut song in an intimate, stripped-down acoustic rendition, Frizzell reflected on her […]

Joerocks’ new song ‘Footsteps’ gives a peek into an artist’s journey

Mumbai, 17th August 2023: Joerocks released his second single, ‘Footsteps’, from the EP a while back. The song captures the essence of being an artist in many ways. ‘Footsteps’ is a story about the mental struggles of being an artist; how one yearns to come out of a hole, fighting inner voices, overcoming outside noise, […]