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Shilpa Ananth releases video song ‘Reproduction’, album streaming worldwide

Mumbai, 09th October 2023: It’s always exciting when an artist releases new music, especially after several years since their last EP. It’s notable that Shilpa has taken on the roles of both songwriter and composer for all 11 original tracks on the album, which shows her creative talent and dedication to her craft. The involvement […]

‘Life’ is a culmination of Aneesha’s expansive music tastes and her desire not to be boxed

Mumbai, 6th October 2023: Popular music artist Aneesha releases her latest track ‘Life’. Unafraid to try something new, ‘Life’ is a culmination of Aneesha’s expansive music tastes and her desire not to be boxed into one genre. Having the creative freedom to explore and develop her sound is highlighted throughout ‘Life’, as Aneesha masterfully combines […]

Dhaval’s ‘Kaif Chadiyo Re’ offers a captivating glance into the intoxicating sensations of love

Mumbai, 6th October 2023: Close on the heels of his recent original love song in September, comes Dhaval Kothari’s latest single Kaif Chadiyo Re, a work exploring a novel approach to today’s indie music within the landscape of the Gujarati language. Kaif Chadiyo Re introduces a brand new, unique style of sound in the contemporary […]

Manan Chowdhry’s ‘O Meri Jaan’ traverses boundless landscapes of love

Mumbai, 5th October 2023: After releasing his debut single “Kyun” in 2022 entrepreneur turned singer- songwriter Manan Chowdhry has released his latest single called “O Meri Jaan”. “O Meri Jaan” is a lyrical journey that traverses the boundless landscapes of love, crafting an unforgettable narrative that encapsulates the essence of two souls intertwined by destiny. The […]

Young pop artist Purva Mantri has released her latest single “Rumjhum”

Mumbai, 4th October 2023: The beats of the Garba Dhol and her eclectic vocals come together in her latest track, a high-energy dance number celebrating the joys of Navratri’s auspicious nine nights, Rumjhum will get you grooving. With this we can also expect Purva to perform this track at her Navratri gig in Surat this […]

Hriday drops melodious new single ‘Bawre’

The singer-composer, who has been mentored by A.R. Rahman, presents a feel-good pop song, after the success of his previous single ‘Saaya’ Mumbai, 3rd October 2023: Breakout pop star Hriday has released a brilliant new single, “Bawre”. This feel-good pop song has flourishes of Indian classical music and explores the themes of letting go of […]

Musical Harmony: The collaboration of Zachary Ray, Akanksha Bhandari, and FRNTFLW in ‘Together’

Mumbai, 29th September 2023: In the dynamic and diverse world of music, artists often find their paths crossing, resulting in incredible collaborations that bring forth unforgettable melodies and lyrics. The song “Together,” featuring the mesmerizing voices of Zachary Ray and Akanksha Bhandari, is a testament to the magic that can happen when talents merge. Akanksha […]

Rishi Kumar debuts as a singer with ‘Raah De’

Mumbai, 21st September 2023: Rishi Kumar, from producing popular tracks like “Kyun”, “Mere Ho Tum”, and “Suno”, has made his debut as a singer with his latest single “Raah De”. It’s always a significant moment for an artist to step into a new role within the music industry. “Raah De” seems like a special and […]

Vatsal Chawla aka VAT releases his debut single ‘Kal Tak”

Mumbai, 18th September 2023: Vatsal Chawla aka VAT has announced his arrival in the Indie pop scene with his first single “Kal Tak”. The song is performed, written and produced by VAT himself and the music video features VAT and Siaa Sindhwani. Watch the song here: Speaking about the track VAT says “Kal Tak encapsulates […]

A L R collaborates with Bagus Bhaskara from Indonesia for music video of his debut single “Under The Sheets”

Mumbai, 12th September 2023: A L R, the stage name of the talented singer-songwriter Abhilash LR, is poised to captivate music enthusiasts once more with the release of the reprise version of his debut hit single, “Under The Sheets,” accompanied by a stunning music video. Originally introduced in 2019, “Under The Sheets” swiftly garnered critical […]