Allen Ling’s musical trilogy with Dave Lopez culminates with ‘Remember’

New Delhi, 5th December 2023: Allen Ling seems like the kind of artist who should have been strumming his way through life’s great concert halls decades ago. Born to immigrant parents in California, the singer-songwriter was composing songs with the kind of fervour that would make lesser musicians wilt. By 20, he had penned over 200 songs and was fronting a band with enough members to field a cricket team. But then, in a plot twist, he veered off into the world of healthcare, leaving his songs to echo in the halls of what-might-have-been.

Fast forward through a few years and a healthcare crisis, and this American-Chinese whiz is back in the game. Teaming up with Dave Lopez, a guitarist of considerable repute from Flipsyde, Ling has embarked on a musical journey with a trilogy of video singles. “As long as you have the encouragement of your loved ones and friends, you can always pursue your passions. That said, I’ve been working on reviving my songwriting and singing for over a decade. I’ve collaborated and learned from the best in the industry, so resources are critical to be able to create and produce great arrangements and recordings of your songs,” says Allen Ling.

Watch the song here:

Straight Into The Ocean that kicks off this trilogy, is a deep dive into heartbreak and healing, with a music video that features Ms. Marvel star Aramis Knight (Kareem/Red Dagger). Although it was never released formally, the video has bagged numerous awards worldwide including the Cult Critic Movie Awards. A Name In Your Book while serving as the prequel for ‘Ocean’, follows the same plot, chronicling various phases of the artist’s recovery.

The trilogy’s finale, ‘Remember’, is a song that’s as much about looking back as it is about moving forward. The guitar solo by Dave Lopez feels like a warm hug from an old friend. Ling’s voice is a reminder that sometimes, the best music comes from those who’ve taken the time to live a little.

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