BAGI MUNDA’s ‘TOUCHDOWN’ is a definite listen

Mumbai, 19th January 2024: BAGI MUNDA has turned some heads in the Indian hip-hop scene with his latest album, “Player No. 1.” The collaboration with 5.5 Records and the listening party in Delhi seem to have generated significant excitement among his fans. The inclusion of various artists like Arpit Bala, Bhappa, BoyBlanck, and Jaskaran in the album adds to the diversity and appeal of the project. He has recently released his latest track ‘TOUCHDOWN, streaming across all the major streaming platforms.

Stream the song ‘TOUCHDOWN’ here:

BAGI MUNDA’s ability to seamlessly switch between Punjabi, Hindi, and English, along with his versatile music style ranging from heavy-hitters to melodic rock cuts, showcases his artistic craft. The cinematic influence in his multi-media output suggests that he is not just a rapper but a storyteller who creates his own world. The description paints him as an everyman artist with a touch of extravagant glamour and vulnerability.

Watch the song ‘LDT’ here:

His previous projects, such as “DUSVIPASS: THE PREQUEL” and “Betaaj Badshah,” have propelled him in the industry. With “Player No. 1”, he continues to evolve and assert his growth in the culture, positioning himself as an anti-hero with an audacious flow and abrasive penmanship.

BAGI MUNDA’s relentless ambition and belief in being the main character in whatever world he inhabits further contribute to his image. It’s clear that he is getting noticed in Indian rap, fans can likely expect more work from BAGI MUNDA in the future.

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