‘Farishtey’ by Siddhant Goenka reminisces the prime of 90’s indie music

Mumbai, 14th January 2024: “Farishtey” is a Pop-Rock song that beautifully captures the nostalgic essence of 90’s indie music in India. The track resonates with the distinctive vibes of that period, featuring classic elements like enchanting acoustic guitar riff, soulful flute melodies, and the powerful combination of electric guitar and drums.

Watch the song here:

The lyrics, especially the line ‘Baarishon mei bheege hum’, use rain as a metaphor for pain, hurt, or sorrow. This touch adds a layer of depth to the song, making it an intense emotional journey for listeners. With its mix of highs and lows, “Farishtey” invites the audience to reminisce about the glorious days of 90’s indie music with a modern twist, creating a nostalgic and captivating musical experience.

About the Artist

Siddhant Goenka, a Kolkata-based Indie artist, began his musical journey in the cultural hub of arts and crafts. Influenced by his parents and exposed to diverse genres, Siddhant’s musical foundation was laid early on. Taking the stage in the 6th grade, Siddhant’s confidence grew through school performances and later in Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champs. In 2022, he penned ‘Kacchi Raahon Pe,’ his debut original song, garnering positive responses and encouraging him to explore more.

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