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‘Pride’ by Alexx O’Nell is undeniably current with a tinge of 90’s rock nostalgia

Mumbai, 4th March 2024: While Alexx O’Nell’s 2023 single, ‘These Four Walls,’ continues to enjoy daily radio-play a full six months post-release (mainly in South Africa), the India-based artist is ecstatic about the Radio and Streaming response to the 9th February release of his latest song and music video: ‘Pride’! With the audio once again […]

Sihie’s debut project ‘Kitne Paison Meon Bikta Hai Ye Pyaar’ is intriguing

Mumbai, 29th February 2024: After “Pink Plastic Kiss” alongside the acclaimed Faridabad hip-hop duo, Arpit Bala and Bhappa, here we are with Sihie’s debut project, “Kitne Paison Mein Bikta Hai Ye Pyaar?” It sounds like an intriguing exploration of love’s many facets. The track list offers a diverse range of themes, from the tender beginnings […]

Harish Budhwani’s “KHWAB TUM” captures intricate emotions

Mumbai, 26th February 2024: Harish Budhwani has released his latest track ‘KHWAB TUM’. The lyrics of this song feel like Harish didn’t write them consciously; they just happened to him. When one falls in love, there are so many delicate emotions that you want to express, but it becomes tricky, especially when you’re navigating these […]

‘Jiyara’ by Sourav Dey and Satwik Tripathy celebrates human strength

Mumbai, 25th February 2024: Sourav Dey and Satwik Tripathy have released their latest song ‘Jiyara’. The song beautifully blends Indian classical melodies with rock rhythms. It tells a powerful story about a young woman facing social injustice and the consequences of gossip and celebrates the quest for one’s own battles and the everlasting power of […]

Swarathma, one of India’s finest Folk rock bands, releases new single ‘Raushan’

Mumbai, 21st February 2024: Cult favourite folk rockers Swarathma have released their first single of the year, “Raushan”. The track has been highly anticipated not only on indie music calendars but also by mainstream platforms. Over two storied decades, Swarathma has released three acclaimed albums, namely their eponymous debut LP (2009), Topiwalleh (2012) and Raah-e-Fakira […]

Aaryan Banthia’s ‘Tera Mera’ is a melodic ode to everlasting love

Mumbai, 20th February 2024: Indian singer-guitarist Aaryan Banthia, known for his singles like ‘Yeh Naina’ and ‘Tere Bin,’ has released his latest track, ‘Tera Mera’. The song, a beautiful blend of Hindi and English, delves into themes of love, romance, and unwavering commitment. “Tera Mera” is a heartfelt composition that explores the depths of love, […]

Tarita’s second release ‘Summer Fling’ brings a touch of authenticity and nostalgia

Mumbai, 16th February 2024: After lying dormant for 18 years, “Summer Fling” is finally making its debut, delivering a laid-back melody and relatable lyrics that speak to the transient nature of holiday romances. With a hint of hesitancy at the start, the song gradually unfolds into a tale of wanting to spend more time with […]

Sourabh Joshi Unveils Heartfelt Single “Imtihaan”

Mumbai, 13th February 2024: Sourabh Joshi has once again captured the essence of emotions with his latest release, “Imtihaan”, a soul-stirring ode that delves into the complexities of relationships. Hailing from the vibrant city of Mumbai, Sourabh Joshi is renowned for his soulful performances as a singer, performer, and artist extraordinaire. The notable Bollywood debut […]

Shekhar Khanijo Dazzles Fans Again with His Second Single, ‘O Maahiya’

Mumbai, 13th February 2024: Shekhar Khanijo, the prodigious talent behind the chart-topping hit “Jaaneman Sharab,” is poised to captivate audiences once again with his latest romantic ballad, “O Maahiya.” This enchanting track is the second release from his music album, “Jaaneman Sharab,” and has released just in time for Valentine’s Day. Following the success of […]

Yohan Marshall’s ‘Jo Tu Mere Paas Hai’: A Melodic Ode to Love and Friendship

Mumbai, 13th February 2024: In a heartfelt tribute to his wife Jaisha, Bombay-based singer-songwriter Yohan Marshall has released his latest single ‘Jo Tu Mere Paas Hai’. Marshall released official music video yesterday and the song captivates listeners with its blend of Pop-Songwriter and Alternative Rock elements. Marshall, who has traversed the globe as a musician […]