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Nandan and Stutee’s ‘Noor-e-Jabeen’ is an emotional ride

Mumbai, 31st December 2023: Music composer & performer Nandan Borker has recently released his latest track ‘Noor-e-Jabeen’ written and composed by him and it is a sincere attempt to encapsulate the profound journey of a bride on her wedding day, a moment steeped in emotions that resonate with the human soul.  The track is beautifully sung by […]

Mayur Rao beautifully expresses the unrequited love in his song ‘Ishq Tu Mera’

Mumbai, 28th December 2023: Have you ever had a feeling of loving your closest friend romantically but you know she is with someone else and can never be yours, but you will keep on loving for her forever? Well, this is the emotion of the song ‘Ishq Tu Mera’ sung and composed by Mayur Rao. […]

“Khafa” by One Creative Mind is a poignant song for all to experience

Mumbai, 28th December 2023: One Creative Man, a singer songwriter from Dehradun, has released ‘Khafa’ recently. The song explores the intricate landscape of emotions, where feelings take the shape of whispers echoing in the corners of the mind. Talking about the song Ravish Sundriyal aka One Creative Man says, “It captures the essence of those […]

RetroMind releases their first pop song, and you won’t get over it anytime soon!

Mumbai, 26th December 2023: What starts with an intimate Lo-Fi vibe, becomes a catchy loop which will get stuck in your head. Presenting, All the Way – RetroMind’s first dreamy-pop song, which is about the complexities of relationships, figuring out the nuances of human behaviour and the power of love. With its dreamy melodies and […]

Raag’s latest track ‘Jaana’ blends Indian lyrics with International Dance Pop

Mumbai, 21st December 2023: Raag has released his latest track ‘Jaana’ a vibrant pop fusion dance anthem that seamlessly blends Hindi/Punjabi lyrics with international dance pop beats. The song draws inspiration from Raag’s own experiences and observations of modern relationships, capturing the essence of love in the digital age. The lyrics, crafted in collaboration with […]

Sharanya Ghosh’s ‘Mann Bawra Re’ is enchanting and aesthetically beautiful

Mumbai, 21st December 2023: Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sharanya Ghosh takes you on an enchanting journey with her latest release, “Mann Bawra Re”. The song, written, sung, and composed by Sharanya, aesthetically weaves elements of Indian semi-classical music with contemporary rhythms, drawing the listeners to reflect on the theme of man’s relentless pursuit of life. Sharanya’s expressive […]

‘Dhun’ by Sarthak unites cultural roots with contemporary appeal

Mumbai, 20th December 2023: ‘Dhun’ marks Sarthak’s second release, following his first release, ‘Phase,’ which garnered an impressive 33,147 streams, secured a spot on the Spotify playlist: Fresh Finds and was added to Best of Fresh Finds of 2022. The track received widespread recognition, being featured on various radio stations and major independent platforms. ‘Dhun’ […]

Qoini’s song ‘Blueprint’ and the EP ‘Sone Ki Khaan’ make for a compelling listen!

Mumbai, 19th December 2023: Qoini aka Aditya Guglani, recently released his latest song “Blueprint” along with the release of his EP “Sone Ki Khaan”. Sone Ki Khaan is a collection of songs depicting the enticing, confusing and vulnerable lives of all those who call Delhi home. This EP weaves the story of everyone in the […]

Aniya’s ‘Aao Na Yahaan’ embodies the essence of hope and life

Mumbai, 15th December 2023: Having previously released a series of original songs in English and Assamese language, Aniya’s fusion of her American and Indian roots has seen her resonate with a plethora of listeners. And now Aniya has released her latest track Aao Na Yahan. Embodying the essence of hope and spirit, ‘Aao Na Yahaan’ […]

Tanya Shanker’s ‘Phoenix’ is about resilience and fight!

Mumbai, 11th December 2023: 18-year-old singer songwriter, Tanya Shanker, is back with her latest track ‘Phoenix’. ‘Phoenix’ showcases Tanya’s compelling vocals and natural flair for effortlessly switching between soft intonations and fiery belts. Fusing classic pop timbres with striking electric guitar riffs, ‘Phoenix’ firmly cements Tanya as one of the most diverse pop rock artists within […]