‘Na Ja’ offers listeners a chance to experience Jyoti’s innermost thoughts

Mumbai, 28th January 2024: California based independent singer, songwriter and producer Jyoti Kavi made an impact with her previous release Sukoon and now is all set to make yet another impact with her latest release “Na Ja”. Enveloping the heartfelt pleas of a lover in surreal flutes and haunting melodies, ‘Na Ja’ is a simple yet emotional love song. Effortlessly capturing the notion of wanting to stay together forever, ‘Na Ja’ highlights Jyoti’s sensational song writing.

Stream the song here:

Jyoti’s stunning vocals evoke the feeling of wishing for time to freeze, as she touches on how at times, it can be painful to stay away from your loved one. Combining delicate string motifs with enchanting vocal melodies, ‘Na Ja’ showcases a maturity in Jyoti’s song writing. Her ability to fluidly fuse traditional Indian elements with modern timbres amounts to a stunning track, guaranteed to resonate, and capture the hearts of listeners across the globe.

‘Na Ja’ is Jyoti Kavi’s first official release of 2024. Speaking about the track Jyoti says “On the face of it, Na Ja is a simple love song, but captured in it is a very strong emotion. The emotion we feel when we really love someone and just cannot bear to be apart, even for a single moment. For me, music is how I channel my feelings, and I just poured those feelings into Na Ja”.

Interweaving a subtle metaphor, Jyoti utilises the idea of the moon waxing and wanting to represent togetherness and moments of separation. ‘Na Ja’ offers listeners a chance to experience Jyoti’s innermost thoughts, providing a stronger connection to the artist like never before. Her willingness to be vulnerable through her music has made Jyoti an increasingly popular name across the US and Indian music markets, and ‘Na Ja’ is undoubtedly set to take the songstresses’ career to new heights. Having released a series of singles including 2023 fan favourite ‘Sukoon’, Jyoti Kavi has seen growing success in her recent years!

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