‘Sunglasses’ by Zachary Ray & Sunep A Jamir is infectiously optimistic!

Mumbai, 3rd February 2024: In a thrilling collaboration, Zachary Ray and Sunep A Jamir have released their latest pop track, “Sunglasses”. The independent track, a product of meticulous production and creative synergy, promises to be a chart-topping hit that encapsulates the joy of donning stylish shades.

Zachary Ray, known for his rich musical background and over a decade of contribution to the Indian music scene, shared insights into the inspiration behind “Sunglasses.” Teaming up with Sunep A Jamir, the duo explored the transformative experience of putting on sunglasses, turning an ordinary day into a sensational celebration.

Stream the song here:

The upbeat and light-hearted nature of the track reflects a belief in the inherent optimism that comes with the stylish accessory. Produced by Zachary Ray and Hersh Desai, with lyrics co-written by Sunep A Jamir and Zachary, the song is a testament to their collaborative prowess.

Sunep A Jamir, a talented singer-songwriter from Nagaland, brings his distinctive voice and creative energy to the collaboration with Zachary. As the frontman of Tune-up Channel and a super winner of Nexa Music Season 2, Sunep is a notable figure in the Indian music scene. Currently based in Mumbai and slated to perform at Lollapalooza, Sunep’s contribution to “Sunglasses” adds a layer of authenticity and charm.

Island City Studios, a renowned name in the industry, played a pivotal role in bringing the track to life. The combination of Zachary Ray’s seasoned vocals and Sunep A Jamir’s distinctive style creates a unique sound that is sure to resonate with a wide audience.

The track’s themes of confidence, mystery, and a touch of cool vibe are complemented by the catchy beats and masterful mixing and mastering by Hersh Desai. The release is poised to mark another milestone in Zachary Ray’s musical journey, which has seen him collaborate with artists like Jody McBrayer, Nathan Walters, and many others.

As the anticipation builds for the release of “Sunglasses” on February 2nd, Zachary Ray and Sunep A Jamir are set to deliver a musical experience that will have listeners tapping their feet and embracing the optimism that comes with every beat. Stay tuned for a celebration of music and style that is sure to make “Sunglasses” a standout addition to your playlist.

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