‘Din Shagan Da’ by Aanchal and Mikey McCleary is one for the season

Mumbai, 3rd January 2024: Aanchal’s latest bride anthem ‘Din Shagna Da’ in collaboration with Bay Music House released on 21st December 2023. This Punjabi folk wedding song celebrates the profound significance of a girl’s transition into the role of a bride, marking a momentous and auspicious occasion in her life.

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Talking about the song she says, “Within Hindu dharam, the wedding is revered as a monumental milestone for both the bride and groom. In our reinterpretation, we meticulously preserve the essence of Indian traditions and values while infusing a refreshing contemporary touch”.

The infusion of captivating electro elements, especially prominent in the hook, adds a vibrant and modern dimension to the composition. The pivotal drop in the song is crafted to synchronise the emotions and expressions of both the girl and the boy on the brink of matrimony. This musical interplay captures the shared anticipation, joy, and excitement as they embark on this transformative journey together.

The track is made by the same team that recreated this widely popular folk song for the Amazon prime web series ‘Four More Shots Please!’ SEASON 2 (which is not available on streaming platforms).

About the Artist

Aanchal Shrivastava is a prominent figure in the realm of folk and Indie music. With notable collaborations alongside artists from Coke Studio Pakistan, her mellifluous vocals have also graced the heartwarming track “Din Shagna Da” in the Amazon prime web series “Four More Shots Please S2.” & ‘Doobi Tujh mein Piya’ in Season 3. Aanchal got her break in Bollywood from the movie ‘Love Games’ by Mahesh Bhatt. Aanchal’s unique voice and soul-stirring compositions have garnered wide spread acclaim, captivating listeners with their depth and character that resonate long after the music fades. Notably, her enchanting compositions “Kadi Aao Ni” & ‘Ishq Akela’ have swiftly captured the hearts of many, swiftly amassing a devoted following.


Vocals – Aanchal Shrivastava

Composer – Public domain (Folk song)

Additional Lyrics – Aanchal Shrivastava

Arrangement & production – Ishaan Mehta

Music supervisor – Mikey McCleary

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