Rahul Advani’s “Oh My” is inspired by element of nature

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Mumbai, 20th October 2023: Singer-songwriter Rahul Advani has released his second single “Oh My” today. Following his debut single “Ready To Breathe”, the track draws from Rahul’s struggles with self-doubt. The song’s introspective lyrics and anthemic chorus celebrate what it means to find strength in one’s vulnerability. For this song, Rahul enlisted the help of friends and singer-songwriters Vernon Noronha (“Winds and the Murky Seas”, “Closer to Home”) and Abhinab Dan (“Khidhki”) to provide backing vocals.

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Inspired by the life-giving force of water which across many cultures symbolises emotions and adaptability to change, “Oh My” draws on the metaphor of rain. The song explores the journey of standing in the downpour of difficult emotions and riding the wave of each emotion. The song’s country music-tinged arrangement leans on the genre’s tradition of storytelling as a way to navigate life’s challenges; the lyrics were written to encourage listeners who are struggling or dealing with a difficult phase in their life to keep going.

Sharing more about this release, Rahul Advani said, “I wrote “Oh My” as a reminder to myself to never give up on myself and know that it’s okay to feel lost or sad. The song’s main lyric, “You knocked me down but I’ll come back swinging, so give me all you got, and watch me reach the top”, refers to the challenges that life throws at us, and the strength we possess to face them by acknowledging difficult emotions instead of resisting them. When writing the song, I was influenced by a lot by the deeply personal yet rousing songs of artists such as P!nk, James Bay and The Script. “Oh My” is the most personal song I’ve ever written and it meant being vulnerable and honest with telling my story in a way I’ve never done before.”

On filming the music video, Rahul Advani said, “The story of making “Oh My” mirrors the lyric’s message of staying resilient and finding the path that feels right, even if it means taking longer to get one’s destination. After recording the track in 2020, the pandemic put a pause on all my plans. Over the years, I tried to make a music video that could capture the song’s story, and after feeling like giving up several times, I kept persevering and ended up finding an incredible team with whom I shot the video in Mumbai just as I decided to move to the city in the summer of 2023. Shooting the final scene in Versova beach when the sun was setting was truly special – it was like everything I had gone through had led up to that moment.”

A music video starring actress, poet and writer Sainee Raj (“Sahi Aur Galat”, “Interior Night Café”) and directed by Karan Asnani (MAMI 2018 Best Short Film “Sheher Ya Tum”) follows the journey of a young woman embracing the unsteady feeling of facing her emotions as discovers an abandoned skateboard. The music video will also be out the day that the track goes live.

What’s next: Following the water-inspired “Oh My”, Rahul will release “Fire Burning”, an energetic track fusing 80’s rock guitars and Indian percussion, before completing the EP’s rollout with the last element in the series – earth – in the form of “Goodbye My Friend”, a ballad about the often unspoken but deep emotional pain of losing a friend. Rahul is also in the process of putting together a live set of his original songs, including unreleased material, with which he plans to share his stories with listeners across India.

Artwork by Siddharth Bhatia and Photograph by Prashin Jagger

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