Sinh’s ‘YSL’ takes you to the realm of intimate fantasies and encounters

Mumbai, 18th October 2023: R&B singer-songwriter Omsinh Solanki aka Sinh has released his latest track ‘YSL’. His previous tracks include ‘I Will Come Around’, ‘Bolo Na’ and ‘Anjaane’. ‘YSL’ is a mesmerizing and captivating song that delves deep into the realm of intimate fantasies and encounters. With a sensual ambiance and a laid-back beat, this track takes listeners on a journey through the enticing world of two people coming together in a moment of passion.

Stream the song here:

The song opens with a captivating guitar riff and blend of keys and vocal samples, instantly creating a robust and inviting atmosphere. The smooth, chilled-out beat sets the perfect pace, allowing the lyrics to weave a tale of desire and connection. The middle section is a gripping instrumental that will be reminiscent of Kanye’s “808’s & Heartbreaks”.

The lyrics of ‘YSL’ paint a vivid picture of passionate encounters but it isn’t crass or explicit with the picture lying between the lyrics. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting vibes of “Would You Mind by Janet Jackson”, ‘YSL’ embraces a similar sensual aesthetic.

Omsinh Solanki, aka “Sinh” is a talented 21-year-old R&B singer-songwriter. Based out of Ahmedabad and Chicago, he has consistently released music in Hindi and English. What’s special about his music is the smooth “dark tone” as he likes to call it, and this sound has formed its own cult over time. To date, Sinh has crossed 150,000 streams across all platforms and his YouTube channel has crossed 1.2 million views. His song “I Will Come Round” from the EP Dark Times was playlisted on Spotify’s Chill Station where it performed very well. His track “Bolo Na”, which was released independently, received a feature on Rolling Stone India, and it was also broadcasted on many music programs on TV. Additionally, he has two singles to his name that were released with Zee Music. Recently in Ahmedabad, Sinh was the opening act for Badshah’s biggest show, the “Ultimate Pop Show”. The live performance is available for viewing on his YouTube channel.

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