Yohan, RUUH and Riya Duggal come together for the fun ride that is ‘Maan Ja Zara’

Mumbai, 13th October 2023: Maan Ja Zara is a reminder to stop overthinking, get out of your own way & enjoy the world as it is. The lyrics talks about freeing ourselves from doubt, allowing ourselves to grow & exploring the beauty around us.

Watch the song here:

Talking about video Yohan said, “To be honest, we took a leap of faith & found a fine line between planning & letting things happen. Rono & Taab have just been fantastic to work with, not only do they have immense experience directing & editing music videos they allow moments & scenes to take shape without forcing it too much & brought out natural performances from us. I’m very grateful to them for putting this video together”.

Riya Duggal is a singer – songwriter, dancer, producer from Mumbai. She’s known for singing playback in the Bollywood films 14 Phere, Cash and Halkie Fulkee and also her latest independent release Na Tha Woh Pyaar. As one half of the pop duo, Simetri, she has released multiple singles and was the winner of Nexa Music judged by AR Rahman and Clinton Cerejo, also featuring on songs by both the maestros (You Got Me, Different Kind of Love, respectively).

Talking about the collaboration Riya said, “Yohan reached out to me via a mutual friend – Ruel who’s produced the song as well, and I’m so glad he did. It’s been a blast”. Adding further to it, Yohan said, “As the composition started taking shape Reuel & I realized that the lyrical theme called for another perspective and the song’s message yearned for collaboration. Upon listening to Riya’s music & meeting her, I was blown away by her voice & more thrilled that she was an integral part of writing the song. Not knowing at the time that we would have such great chemistry during the video shoot as well”.

Yohan Marshall is a Mumbai based vocalist, musician, composer & producer who has travelled around the world performing, collaborating and creating music since the age of fifteen. Having been an integral part of the country’s independent music scene Yohan has performed at India’s biggest venues & festivals including Lollapalooza, NH7, Supersonic, Ragasthan, Hornbill, Live From the Console, NCPA, NLS Strawberry fields, IIT Madras & NLU Delhi to name a few. Yohan’s music is a captivating journey through a musical kaleidoscope, blending his versatile singer-songwriter style with elements of pop, r&b, rock and more into a seamless experience.

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