Rishi Kumar unveils his latest track ‘Meri Kahaani Tu’

Mumbai, 26th October 2023: Rishi Kumar, a new age indie artist, is poised to enrapture audiences once more with his latest musical creation. Renowned for producing hit tracks like “Kyun,” “Mere Ho Tum,” and “Suno,” Rishi Kumar has recently embarked on an exhilarating new venture, stepping into the spotlight as a singer with his debut track, “Raah De.” Now, he has released his new song, “Meri Kahaani Tu,” featuring the dynamic vocals of Devanand SP & Ashi Singh. Rishi Kumar has directed and produced the song.

Watch the song here:

According to Rishi, “Meri Kahaani Tu’” was composed almost one and a half years back, around the time he was midway through releasing his first album, “Zindagi.” The distinct sound of the production led him to hold back its release, making it a standalone track. “What makes “Meri Kahaani Tu” unique is the inclusion of two contrasting vocalists – Devanand SP & Ashi Singh. Additionally, the track features the melodic tones of the Veena, a traditional South Indian classical instrument, beautifully played by Ranjani Mahesh. The lyrics, penned by Anshul Mathur Ji and me, carry a back-and-forth theme in the chorus, mirroring the journey of finding one’s true counterpart, the one who completes them,” he reveals.

This transition from producer to singer signifies a monumental shift in Rishi Kumar’s career, showcasing his remarkable versatility and creative ingenuity. “Meri Kahaani Tu” is poised to be a composition of profound depth and meaning, eagerly awaited by Rishi Kumar’s devoted fan base.

As the release date has finally arrived, take a look at this musical experience that breaks boundaries and makes a lasting impact on the New Age music scene.

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