Prady J’s latest release ‘Aati Jaati Aankhen’ is a mesmerising track!

Mumbai, 20th October 2023: Prady J is back with his second single. ‘Aati Jaati Aankhen’ is a mesmerising and captivating track recorded in the famous Camden Studios in London and shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Watch the song here:

Indian musician, banker and chemical engineer Prady J has been cooking up a storm across the global music scene and has now released his second single ‘Aati Jaati Aankhen’. Already creating a buzz around the highly anticipated single, Prady J has leaked a series of teaser videos which garnered over 4.4k views in just 48 hours.

Originally hailing from Bombay, during his early years Prady J toured across several colleges within India alongside his band Eklipze. Now residing in London, Prady has been tucked away in Camden Studios perfecting his craft and focusing on refining his original material. Teaming up with Spanish producer and engineer Julio, new record ‘Aati Jaati Aankhen’ takes inspiration from the famous Kishore Kumar song ‘Ek Ladki bheegi bhaagi si’; with Prady J adapting a moodier and more mysterious approach to his arrangement.

With an official music video, ‘Aati Jaati Aankhen’ is a truly global release as Prady J collaborates with Irish video director and producer Loraa White. Filming the video in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Prady J enlisted the help of British actor Will Jordan and Irish model Maksuda Akhter who both star in the feature. A melting pot of influences and cultures, the eagerly awaited official music video has been at the forefront in the lead up to the release, with Prady J unleashing a series of snippets through his promotional teasers.

On a mission to shine a light on original music within the Indian music scene, Prady J’s latest release ‘Naina Tere’ landed last year and was well received amongst fans and industry heads. With a series of singles and professionally crafted music videos in the bank, Prady J is set to continue to make waves within India and beyond through his distinctive and relatable music.

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