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“I was looking to create a song which is more acoustic and with happy vibes” – Raghav Chaitanya on his latest song ‘Subah Ko’ with T Series

Mumbai, 8th March 2023: Raghav Chaitanya is a name that has created quite a reputation for himself in a short span in the music industry. On the release of his latest track “Subah Ko”, with T Series, we had a quick interaction with him. Read on to know what he has to say: How has […]

Artist Showcase: Meet Somesh Mathur, lovingly called as Pandit Somesh Mathur

Mumbai, 20th February 2023: Artist showcase looks to, periodically, bringing forth some of the hidden gems of music industry. Meet Somesh Mathur, often respectfully and lovingly called Pandit Somesh Mathur, or simply ‘Panditji’. Somesh is a Global Guru, a Global Icon, and a Maestro, having been in the music business since over 30 years as […]

June 2021: Interaction with Billboard International Power Player – Devraj Sanyal, MD and CEO, Universal Music Group, India & South Asia

“My greatest strength is in truly knowing that India is not my marketplace anymore & it hasn’t been for a while so when you know that the world is your playground, it changes your perspective & plans greatly”: Devraj Sanyal, MD and CEO, Universal Music Group, India & South Asia.   Universal Music India & […]

Pav Dharia: The man with midas touch, the New King of Pop

Sydney, September 2018: Music Industry is one phenomenal domain. We have seen over night sensations, we have witnessed the popularity bubble bursts and we have also seen many musicians who are talented but do not get to taste the success that they deserve. This industry can create stars, bust the careers, produce youth icons and […]

Inspire India Project: A project for community and to be owned by community

We have an abundance of talent in India. But in this abundance a lot voices and a lot of dreams get drowned or overshadowed as they do not get right platforms to hone their skills. Some such talents face the problems of financial well-being, some face the challenge of foreseeing the vision. However, the fact […]

Hopefully one day I can create a platform for musicians from India!: Ananya Birla

Young, energetic, talented and with a vision to create an identity, that’s a combination that everyone at the age of 23 would like to have, but only a few would also have the drive to follow the direction of their heart. From being the one with a surname, she has become the one with her […]

A Guitarist, a Composer, a Judge, a Mentor, a friend and a Living Legend!

Music, in India, is one of the most important part of our lives, we have our lives revolving around it. Hence, it is no surprise that some of our best musicians are one of the biggest celebrated personalities in the country. He is also one of the most loved individual in the music industry and […]

A Musical Magic called Lucky Ali

A Musical Magic Called Lucky Ali Being a music enthusiast myself I’ve always been deeply attached to this magical entity in all ways possible. I’ve sang, heard, enjoyed, also wooed girls (obviously) and always felt a strong connection with music right through my college days. Like every teenager, or rather a music maniac, I too […]

This Is How The Culture Of Music Has Evolved In India; And Its Journey Has Been Marvelous!

This Is How The Culture Of Music Has Evolved In India; And Its Journey Has Been Marvelous! Music is more than just a collection of sounds put together to make a tune out of it; it’s a feeling, an emotion that touches billions of hearts in the world. Music has absolutely no boundaries, which makes […]