Indie space is blowing up with talent and an incredibly exciting future lies ahead: Sheykhar Ravjiani

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Sheykhar Ravjiani doesn’t need an introduction, he is a powerhouse celebrity in the world of entertainment. Very recently, he has launched his own label by the name Garuudaa Musiic and with this initiative he has been churning out eclectic music to say the least. With his recent song ‘Kasam Se’, in collaboration with Arijit Singh and Priya Saraiya, he has given a song for every soul. We had an interaction with him about the song, Garuudaa Musiic and more, here are the excerpts.

‘Kasam Se’ is your latest release on Garuudaa Musiic. Tell us more about the song, what inspired you to conceptualise and collaborate with Arijit Singh and Priya Saraiya?

For me, ‘Kasam Se’ is not just another love song; it’s an ode to love itself. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and I have carried the tune of ‘Kasam Se’ in my heart for some time now. Through this song, I want every soul that is in love to be able to express the inexpressible in the most beautiful way possible.

When I decided to share this very special song with the world, I instinctively knew that Priya would pen the most beautiful lyrics, as she always does, and when it came to the singer, once again, sheer instinct made me ask Arijit to sing it for me. I think the song was written in the stars…it was destined to be a collaboration between the three of us. Everything flowed seamlessly and when that happens, you can’t stop the magic that ensues!

Watch the song here:

What kind of energies come together when you are not working on a movie script for a song?

My musical journey has been predominantly defined by the work that I have done for films, and I have enjoyed that immensely. But there’s always been a part of me that has always been curious to explore the kind of musical space that comes from a place of absolute creative freedom.

And today, with Garuudaa Musiic, I’ve hit upon a creative process that feels right, that’s bringing out the best in me and the people who collaborate with me. A space where I feel a strong connection with everything I create. I’ve never felt this way before. And I’m loving it.

You have been coming up with independent releases for a while now.
What do you have to say about the indie segment and its potential in the coming times?

In the past, I took some detours into an independent space through a few singles that I made and released. But somehow, it still felt like there was a whole universe of potential waiting to be discovered!

Ever since I have started my own label, I feel like I am learning something new every day about the independent music space. There’s a lot to navigate and understand. It’s a process of unlearning as much as learning for me.

For indie artists, I would say that the single largest challenge today is actually getting people to sit up and notice your music and consume it. With consumers having shorter attention spans, a huge volume of musical output and total cacophony on social media, it’s definitely challenging to make a mark effectively.

But it’s these challenges that are forcing creators such as myself to innovate and find new, original ways to connect with our audiences. I think the indie space is blowing up with talent and an incredibly exciting future lies ahead for sure.

Photo Credit: Arjav Mardav

Tell us a bit more about Garuudaa Musiic.

With Garuudaa, the musical intent is simple – keep it simple and heartfelt, but keep it absolutely fresh. It is about taking everything you already know and setting it aside. Unlearning is what I feel like I am doing every time I sit down to create a new song. And that’s when the magic happens. When you can set aside 25 years of experience and suppress the urge to do what ‘works’ and instead challenge yourself to begin again. Everything then sounds new, and fresh and inspired.

I am definitely consciously creating a musical space with Garuudaa that is genre-agnostic and instinct driven. It’s about breaking rules constantly and trying the unexpected. It is the happiest I have been, and I can feel myself soaring higher with my listeners with each song.

What is the envisioned future for the label? What more can we expect from you in the rest of 2023?

Garuudaa Musiic is 6 months old and 10 songs strong! It has been an incredible journey so far. We are high on creative energy and have a great line-up of songs in the pipeline! Every single day is an adventure for me, musically. I feel like there is so much fresh, uncharted musical territory to explore. So, you can definitely expect lots of new, exciting music composed and sung by me as well as power packed collaborations with known and unknown artistes.

And of course, a SHEYKHAR LIVE IN CONCERT with GARUUDAA MUSIIC is definitely on the cards very soon!

Music industry is gradually becoming artist oriented in more ways than ever. How should an artist build a brand of his/her own?

It’s an extremely dynamic and competitive world that we all find ourselves in today.
Everyone is fighting for attention and its only consistency in branding, quality of product and a strong connection with your target audience that will help artists find their own space and become brands to reckon with.

I am filled with admiration for the new generation of musicians and artists who are doing this beautifully. They have aced the art of artist branding. They find their niche and own it. They are not insecure and instead support each other and lift each other up. They create freely and fearlessly and are quite uncomplicated in their process as well. They’re extremely connected to their listeners and fans. They are showing us how it’s done.

For all the upcoming talent, what is that one message you would have for them to find success?

The one piece of advice I would offer young talent is to trust your instinct. To find your own true voice that makes you who you are. Trends will only take you as far as their shelf life allows. Create for posterity. Create for yourself. Let your music be honest. Success will find you and never leave you, when you are real.

Needless to say, we are hooked to ‘Kasam Se’ and only want more to come from Garuudaa Musiic! While we look forward to future releases, stream ‘Kasam Se’ and fall in love!

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