To me, beyond the numbers I want my song to reach people: Millind Gaba

Millind Gaba is singer, songwriter, producer and an actor who doesn’t really need an introduction. While he wears so many hats, he is also making sure each is given the finesse it requires to deliver top quality work. He has recently released his EP ‘Fragrance’ on T-Series and with the initial response, we can surely say that it is creating great buzz and love. We had a chance to interact with him and know more about the artist and his views. Here are the excerpts:

Your EP is about love songs and the name of the EP is ‘Fragrance’. How do these two connect in your view?

‘Fragrance’ is a big part of my personality. I like to smell good, internally and externally both, from my heart and my soul, so that’s one connection right there. As for the album, love has its different phases, and each has its own fragrance. From the time someone sees a person to the time when you are in a craze, or when you are in betrayal phase, or to moving on phase, each has a fragrance to it. That’s how the EP and the name are interconnected.

Stream the EP here:

How was your experience working with Giorgia Adriani?

It was a great experience. She is an amazing artist. As beautiful as she is from her appearance, she is the same from her heart and soul too. She is a very dedicated person and works passionately towards her work. She gave her 100% to this song and I wish her all the best!

Watch the song here:

How did this collaboration with T-Series come about?

I am a T-Series artist and its like a home company for me. So, this collaboration had to happen as I don’t work outside of them anyway. My relationship with T-Series is more like a family right from the beginning, and Bhushan Sir has held my hand from the early days of my career.

You have almost 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube, Spotify Monthly Average listeners is approx. 2.8 Million, Instagram has about 5.1 Million followers. How much do these numbers mean to you?

To me, beyond the numbers I want my song to reach people. My effort, always, is to make relatable songs. Hence, it is important for me to have my songs reach out to people who vibe with the emotions. To me, my song reaching 10 people, 10 lacs or 10 crores is equally important till it reached the right audience.

Photo Credit: Millind Gaba’s Instagram

Apart from ‘Wapas Na Aayenge’, ‘Dil Gaya’ is doing very well on Spotify. Do we expect its video soon?

Yes, for sure. Apart from ‘Dil Gaya’, I like ‘Roz Pyaar’ too and I am dabbling between which video to shoot next. We will be taking this call soon and start the shoot. The EP has four songs so we will have four videos, but the question right now is about which one should drop second in the sequence.

What are your plans for the rest of the year 2023?

I am planning a few artistic things for my YouTube Channel. I like to act, and it’s been like that for many years. So, I am planning to make a short film for my channel. There are collaboration songs in the making, film songs are slated to come out. Rest of the year looks busy and exciting!

Top of the mind, which are your favourite Top 4 collaborations?

First two of course that come to my mind are ‘Paris Ka Trip’ with Honey Singh, Ustaad Ji and ‘Yaar Mod Do’ with Guru Randhawa. ‘Sohnea’ with Miss Pooja is also one of the songs that I loved working on and then there is ‘Naam’ with Tulsi Kumar ma’am. Top of my mind, these are the top 4 songs that I can recall at the moment.

Photo Credit: Millind Gaba’s Instagram

How is it working with Dhrruv Yogi and Asli Gold?

Both these guys are my brother, we stay close by. Dhrruv is good lyricist and has done Bollywood projects too. Gold has worked on quite a few songs of mine; he is a good singer and composer too. For me, they are like my younger brothers and my effort is to keep the ones who are in my team, progressing with me. For me its like a big family, their sisters are like my sisters too and by nature of it, I have a responsibility towards their family in many ways. This in turn also motivates me to keep working hard for sake of everyone!

Artists are coming in front of camera, making it a more artist-oriented industry. What are your views on this?

This change is good for the artists. If you think about it, ‘Mundian Tu Bach Ke’ is one of the biggest global Punjabi anthems. But how many can relate the face of Labh Janjua with this song, him being such a big artist. It is very important to have face value for an artist and I think it is going in the right direction.

Well, beyond music, one thing that comes out apparent is the ‘Heart of Gold’ that Millind is blessed with. While we keep streaming the EP, we are also now eagerly waiting for the new video songs to drop from him!

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