I think music industry is booming and it has a very big reach: Zaara Yesmin

Zaara Yesmin is an actor, dancer, model and an entrepreneur. She has been in the industry for a while now and has a very loyal fanbase, largely on the back of her work. Recently she was featured in Sadi Gali 2.0 along side Freddy Daruwala. The song is an upbeat take on the iconic Sadi Gali song from the movie Tanu Weds Manu. Sung by Shipra Goyal and Lehmber Hussainpuri, the song is composed by Krsna and Dj Shadow Dubai. The newly penned lyrics by Rajshekhar and Prabh Bains give the song a fresh feel. We had an interaction with Zaara a while back, take a look at what she has to share:

What are your memories of Sadi Gali as a song?

Sadi Gali I think is everyone’s favourite song. It has possibly been played in every wedding; it is iconic in all respects. When this song came to me, I was totally surprised and happy! While the original song was for a film script, this one is a more upbeat version with a hook step and with female vocals added to the song.

Watch Sadi Gali 2.0 here:

For a film song it is relatively easier to adapt to the character as you are a part of the story. For a song, how easy or difficult was it for you to get into the character?

For a song, you have to be a part of a 3 to 3.5-minute story from start to end. Sadi Gali 2.0 is a wedding song with Punjabi vibes to it. For me it was a new experience from understanding the lyrics, lip synching the words and look a part of the theme organically.

How was your experience working with Freddy?

Freddy is a very nice guy. It is possibly for the first time that he is dancing like he has. Generally, he has always been seen in action movies or doing serious stuff, so it was quite exciting to see him groove in Sadi Gali 2.0.

Photo Credit: Zaara Yesmin’s Instagram

How did the collaboration with T Series come about for this song? What next is in the pipeline?

I have been working with T Series for a while now. My last song, which was also a wedding song, did well and I think that’s where the ideation of collaboration for this song started from. Additionally, Sadi Gali being one of my all-time favourites, and that Sadi Gali 2.0 had female vocals too, it made everything come together for me. I am looking forward to more to come depending upon where T Series thinks we can synergise.

What were the top three things that clicked for you for the song Sadi Gali 2.0?

First is that the song has been sung beautifully by Shipra Goyal. Secondly, the original Sadi Gali is already a hit song and has been a part of celebrations over a decade now. Sadi Gali as the name of the song itself gives a lot of excitement to me. Last but not the least is the cross-cultural experience. I got a platform where I could experiment with a Punjabi look and dance set up. Top of my mind, these are possibly some of the most compelling reasons for me with Sadi Gali 2.0.

How was your working experience with T Series and the team involved?

T Series is a visionary label and has a huge reach amongst the audiences. The teams here are very creative and work towards your best interests. It is a label which has a reach up to the last corner, last village of India. Most of the things they do, work in the favour of audiences. Beyond this, they have been extremely cooperative and supportive to me.

Photo Credit: Zaara Yesmin’s Instagram

What is your take on the current music industry?

I think music industry is booming and it has a very big reach. Music is a part of everyone’s life. You may or may not watch a movie, but you will watch a song again and again, if you like it. Music has the capacity to uplift one’s mood and connect with people in general.

What makes people connect with Zaara Yesmin?

I feel authenticity is what connects me with people. Whenever I am in front of a camera, I try to deliver whatever best I can, to do justice to the character I play. Staying yourself and at the same time staying true to the character is something, I believe, people like.

Well well, so that’s Zaara Yesmin for you. Authentic, original and unhinged!

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