‘Jhula’ by Manish Khushalani explores the delicate nature of relationships

Mumbai, 8th July 2024: Manish Khushalani known for his work in the industry as a filmmaker has very recently released his latest single called “Jhula”. This track explores themes of vulnerability, trust, and the delicate nature of relationships through a unique fusion of Indian classical and contemporary electronic music. “Jhula” sonically opens up as a lullaby with ambient textures, nostalgic electric guitars and rising synths categorized by movement. The verse gradually builds into a dynamic section featuring a trap beat, and escalating horns, supported by a rooted bassline. The song’s climax features intricate vocal harmonies, pulsating synths and expansive soundscapes, attempting to offer a blend of tradition and innovation.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track he says, “My latest release Jhula is my interpretation of this age-old poetry that has traditionally been celebrated as a tabla + voice piece by Muhammad Khayyam. Over the years there have been re-imaginations and renditions of Jhula by artists such as Nayyara Noor, Shipa Rao and even a Coke Studio version. I had been deeply interested in bringing tradition and innovation together, fusing my roots in Indian classical music with my love for electronica. Eternal longing and giving into the unknown willingly and whole heartedly are two strong undertones that the track derives its inspiration from. My personal inspirations also drive from artists who blend performed and programmed forms of music together to create soundscapes that are organic and also feel larger than life”.

The music video for “Jhula” is a visual representation of the song’s themes, featuring two girls gently swaying on a swing in a state of deep slumber. Performed by Khushi Maroo and Pooja Patel and choreographed by Somya Kautia, through the expressive art of contact improvisation and martial arts, the film transitions finding consciousness in an ethereal home to floating in a mystical forest, where the performers rise, fall and rise again, symbolizing their connection and will.

With “Jhula”, Khushalani draws from his background to create an independent project that reflects his passion for both music and visual storytelling. One of the most challenging aspects about this project has been self-funding and producing something of this scale completely independently, while telling a story on a deeply personal and emotional level.

“Jhula” marks a new chapter in his artistic journey as he continues to create music and visuals that resonate. The song was produced and recorded by Khushalani in his modest home studio and it is mixed and mastered by Ishan Naik in Mumbai. The interior parts of the film are shot in a studio set in Mumbai, with the expertise of Production Designer Ankur Aserkar. The exterior forest sequences with the girls flying are shot in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai.

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