Soha’s debut track ‘Puzzle Pieces’ celebrates innermost feelings!

Mumbai, 5th July 2024: Hyderabad based singer – songwriter Soha has just released her debut track Puzzle Pieces. ‘Puzzle Pieces’ is an intimate journey which captures the essence of sharing a special connection with someone. Penning the song for her husband as a celebration of their anniversary, the song is bursting with infectious melodies and electronic beats. Perfectly emulating the feeling of falling passionately in love, Soha’s debut is the ultimate summer song to celebrate your loved ones and explore new romances. Taking a deep dive into the complexity of human emotions, Soha’s music offers listeners a chance to experience and explore their innermost feelings through the songwriter’s raw and relatable lyrics.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track Soha says, “I wrote this song Puzzle Pieces for my husband right before I asked him to marry me. He was the missing piece to my question or my puzzle. The lyrics has got details of when I fell in love with him for instance, “under those shades I caught those eyes”. Also, got extremely cheesy lines of how he made me feel “electric chills”, “spark”, “ring of fire” etc.  I wanted the music video of this song to be shot at a park and be a normal love song, but the director had a brilliant out of the box idea. He wanted to do something more futuristic and made a robot human love triangle story. My next song “How Far I Go”, is about stepping over the negative sides or darkness in society and not caring about the “log kya kahega” mindset and I find myself comfortable and happy in doing what I love and not letting people’s thoughts get into my head”.

Starting her music journey at just 14, Soha’s vocal range led to several live performances. Captivated by the magic of music, Soha knew she was destined to refine her talent and began experimenting with writing her own music. With an unparalleled creative vision, Soha’s desire to craft a unique soundscape is set to enrapture audiences across the globe. Her ability to forge meaningful connections with audiences is a testament to her music, transporting listeners to another realm. One of her earliest experiences as a singer was in childhood when her father’s friend was searching for a young singer and she signed up and she would be accompanying her mother to the studios where she was in awe of the musical magic and people often remarked on her impressive vocal range for a child – that was it, the EUREKA moment for her! 

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