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BoyWithUke releases new single “Out of Reach”

Announces Asia & Australian tour  Mumbai, 11th April 2023: Leveling up from every angle, Platinum-Certified singer, songwriter, and producer BoyWithUke unveiled new single entitled “Out Of Reach” on 7th April via Mercury Records/Republic Records.  Watch the lyrical video of “Out Of Reach” here: Once again, BoyWithUke’s timeless songcraft is accented by future-facing production, organic instrumentation, and just […]

Ellde Fazilka Pays Tribute to Punjab’s Rich Cultural Heritage with New Release, “This Is Punjab”

Mumbai, 6th April 2023: Ellde Fazilka, the renowned singer-songwriter known for his unique blend of traditional Punjabi music and modern rap beats, has released his highly anticipated new song, “This Is Punjab”. The song is a moving tribute to the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Punjab and captures Ellde’s signature mix of Punjabi folk […]

‘Roots’ brings together elements from two countries with its own flair!

Mumbai, 2nd April 2023: ‘The Sacred Geometry’ from India and ‘Dhroga’ from Sri Lanka come together for ‘Roots’, a song that captures the sonic essence of both the artists. Stream the song here: ‘Roots’ is the first collab track of ‘The Sacred Geometry’ with the ‘Dhroga’. This track was made in two different versions, one […]

Saptak Chatterjee releases his latest track “Udd Re”

This is a song about overcoming tough times and soaring towards brighter future Mumbai, 2nd April 2023: As a synth-pop lover, Saptak Chatterjee is thrilled to share this uplifting and emotional tune with you. ‘Udd Re’ is a song about overcoming tough times and soaring towards a brighter future with the love and support of […]

Rohan Solomon calls for a mindful slowdown in his refreshing new picture-perfect video single – Serenity

Mumbai, 27th March 2023: The Global radio chart-topper returns well-rested after a short pause with his latest offering Serenity, a symphonic single that breathes fresh air into folksy indie-pop with its peaceful/meditative mood. Composer-producer and pop maestro Solomon moors into pristine mountain air, modern bluesy harmonies & a sweeping orchestral symphony on Serenity, which is […]

Fresh off the cover of a Hershey’s chocolate bar, Kiara Chettri drops a bitter-sweet dream pop single, ‘Cold’

Mumbai, 27th March 2023: Singer-songwriter Kiara Chettri returns with ‘Cold’, her ninth single, which was released worldwide in March 2023. The London-based, Delhi-hailing young achiever dabbles with complicated feelings of estranged lovers as she explores a brand new soundscape of dreamy pop. The new single marks her first release for the year, a formidable follow-up […]

Sidharth Bendi a.k.a BENDI releases his latest song, ‘2006’

Mumbai, 24th March 2023: Sidharth Bendi a.k.a. BENDI releases his latest track, ‘2006’, written about missing his childhood self and talks about how he is giving up on his current state. Watch the song here: Speaking about the song he says, “The idea came about when I bumped into an old video from my 7th […]

Atteev releases his latest EP ‘Look How Far We’ve Come’

Mumbai, 24th March 2023: Mumbai based Indie Artist Atteev who started his journey during the Covid lockdown is now all set to release his latest EP “Look How Far We’ve Come”. This is Atteev’s second EP, showcasing his transformation from a self-taught bedroom musician to a thriving artist in the industry. The title embodies Atteev’s journey and celebrates how […]

Badal, the rising star of indie Indian Hip-Hop, is back with his new single!

Mumbai, 23rd March 2023: It’s been a long time, but Badal, the Indie Indian hip-hop rapper/singer from Safidon, has finally returned with his new single, “Paaya Maine”. The track, written, performed, and produced entirely by the artist himself, is set to be just a taste of his upcoming album, which he promises will be a […]

When Chai Met Toast release their latest single, ‘Sushi Song’, with IndieA records

Mumbai, 23rd March 2023: When Chai Met Toast and Richard Wilkinson have teamed up to bring us their latest single, “Sushi song,” a mesmerizing track that takes listeners on a journey through a vibrant world of love, adventure, and discovery. The band’s raw, honest, and deeply rooted musical style shines through in their uplifting and […]