Fresh off the cover of a Hershey’s chocolate bar, Kiara Chettri drops a bitter-sweet dream pop single, ‘Cold’

Mumbai, 27th March 2023: Singer-songwriter Kiara Chettri returns with ‘Cold’, her ninth single, which was released worldwide in March 2023. The London-based, Delhi-hailing young achiever dabbles with complicated feelings of estranged lovers as she explores a brand new soundscape of dreamy pop. The new single marks her first release for the year, a formidable follow-up to eight singles, a full-length album, topping global radio charts and a Grammy acknowledgement; and all that before she even started college.

Watch the song here:

‘Cold’ was inspired by a subject/format that Kiara has never written about or explored, such as movie scenes about one-sided, estranged love, that seem to have left an impression on the artist. Soft whispers like vocals that still carry remnants of the love that once was, are surrounded by faint ambient noises, acoustic guitar, dreamy synth and a sprinkling of violin & cello strains to create delicate balance of grey emotions in ‘Cold’ which has been produced by the Moscow, Russia-based George Porlemad.

“There is a certain pain that one feels when they aren’t with the person whom they had a great love with… The lyrics of ‘Cold’ encapsulates that feeling. Accepting the fact that the one you want has moved on with someone else is a big pill to swallow which comes with not only jealousy but also the feeling of misery and denial. The music and lyrics go hand in hand to make this track a dreamy portal to escape into and feel those feelings to your fullest”, says the young singer, who has displayed maturity of thought in the song as well as her hidden acting chops in the video.

The soulful track is accompanied by a well-matched dreamy video, shot by upcoming English film maker Matu Harvey, largely in the iconic Hyde Park, London.

Shortly before sharing this brand new release, Kiara added another win to her collection, as her face beamed across the cover of the iconic Hershey’s chocolates, limited edition celebratory packs, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

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