Sidharth Bendi a.k.a BENDI releases his latest song, ‘2006’

Mumbai, 24th March 2023: Sidharth Bendi a.k.a. BENDI releases his latest track, ‘2006’, written about missing his childhood self and talks about how he is giving up on his current state.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the song he says, “The idea came about when I bumped into an old video from my 7th birthday in 2006 and felt so many different emotions from watching it and reflecting on my life right now. It was also peak pandemic when I wrote this song so I’m sure that had an influence on how I felt as well. It was a generally slower time in the world”.

Sidharth Bendi a.k.a BENDI is a known name in the Indian indie creative community. Known for his soulful performances across India, Bendi is a multi-faceted singer/songwriter, music producer & acoustic pop performer who is also 2022 alumni of Berklee College of Music (Summer Programme). Since his beginnings right out of school, Bendi has performed over 1000 shows and was the youngest singer/songwriter in Hyderabad to put out a self-written EP, ‘One In A Million, in 2017. He has done two India tours and hundreds of shows outside his home turf, which include festival stages like Zomaland, Under 25, TEDx, and more. He has at least 15 more projects in the works. He was awarded a top 30 position in a singer/songwriter competition held by BGBNG & Compassbox Music in 2022. He has also opened for many of his idols like Tejas Menon, Vir Das, Prateek Kuhad, AWKS, Dhruv Viswanath, WCMT, Divine, Ritviz, and more.

A mentor to many, the 24-year-old has also produced music for some exciting debutants and is known to be an avid contributor to building opportunities for the creative community of Hyderabad. Apart from being a musical multi-tasker, Bendi also takes a keen interest in photography, vlogging, video-making, creative direction & personal brand-building. Some notable projects he’s worked on are ‘Stay Sane With Jane: Season 2’, India’s #5 podcast on Spotify, ‘Stories of Newness’ Documentary & Vlogtober 2020 (a 30-day vlog series). Bendi’s vlog about the Hyderabad floods in 2020 was also awarded a Top 24 position in a vlog competition held by Fujifilm India & India Film Project. He plans on taking these skills further with his new Creative Direction venture – 10:11/12 Productions.

Bendi is also the founder of one of Hyderabad’s foremost non-profit, The Beautiful World Movement which works towards causes like sustainability awareness, nurturing lives of underprivileged children, animal welfare, etc. TBWM raises funds doing cultural events in Hyderabad, which is also a major platform for up & coming artists in the city. Bendi’s love & passion for creating & building community are going to drive a journey that will be exciting to witness for years to come.

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