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Singer-Songwriter Sampriti is bringing in Afro-Pop sound to Assamese Original Music Scene with “KENIGOL”

Mumbai, 17th October 2022: Singer-Songwriter Sampriti has released her lush new Assamese Afro-pop single “KENIGOL” in collaboration with producer National Animal on October 14, 2022. The tune is a refreshing take on original music of Assam, bridging Assamese music with Afro-pop beats, and is the first of its kind. KENIGOL is her second single, followed […]

Joerocks releases his new single ‘Water-loo’

Mumbai, 17th October 2022: Gurpreet a.k.a. Joerocks has released his latest single “Water-loo”. Talking about the song Gurpreet says, “On a recent visit to London, I happened to drop my mobile phone into the toilet. It triggered a whole mix of emotions in me! One day, while passing through Waterloo station on the London metro, […]

Frizzell D’Souza’s debut EP ‘The Hills Know Of You’ is a classic tale of love

Mumbai, 14th October 2022: Bangalore-based singer-songwriter, Frizzell D’Souza’s ‘The Hills Know Of You’ is a classic tale of love, with emphasis on the fact that this simple story has the power to transpire in a thousand different ways. Watch the music video of “The Hill Know Of You” here: The stories in this EP vary […]

‘The Psy Owl’ a.k.a. Siddhartha Ghosh’s “Kaahe Sataye” is a story of everyone!

Mumbai, 14th October 2022: ‘The Psy Owl’ a.k.a. Siddhartha Ghosh is a multilingual Indian independent artist, producer, architect and painter whose music is inspired by existential realities. He has released his latest track “Kaahe Sataye” featuring Piyush Ghadse. Watch the song here: Talking about the song he says, “The main theme of this track revolves […]

“Boon” by Shia and Zero Chill should be on your playlist!

Mumbai, 10th October 2022: Released on 15th July 2022 on Purple Wave, Boon is a track that takes a bold turn away from traditional rhyme schemes and cliched narratives. It, instead, chooses to utilise Zero’s off-kilter sample-centric production to pen down a contemporary celebration of the feminine space.  ‘Boon’, the latest single from Mumbai-based artists […]

Mumbai based singer – songwriter Unnati Shah recently released her latest track “Kehne Do”

Mumbai, 8th October 2022: Unnati Shah has enthralled us with her performances on A.R. Rahman’s YouTube series ‘ARRived’ and by being a part of Bollywood songs like Bandeya Re Bandeya and Ghoomar. She is now all set to explore her journey as an indie artist with her recent release ‘’Kehne Do’’. The song is a […]

Indie artist Aseem recently released his first single from his upcoming album “Pehchaan”

Mumbai, 7th October 2022: Indie artist Assem recently released his first single called “Dekhoon Jidhar Bhi” from his upcoming album “Pehchaan”. Dekhoon Jidhar Bhi: The search for answers to the questions asked in the song ‘Dekhoon Jidhar Bhi’ forms the core quest of the album. It asks the world why we always put each other […]

I am continuing to push the envelope of Sarod playing and what stems from a background of traditional Hindustani classical training: Alam Khan

As a centennial year of tribute for his dad, the legendary Late Sarode Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, Alam Khan has released an album by the name Mantram. A powerful rumination on our changing world, Mantram by Alam Khan is perhaps his most forward thinking release to date. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alam […]

“Ye Raaste” is about enjoying the journey while you hustle for your dreams!

Mumbai, 2nd October 2022: Ishaan Nigam is out with yet another beautiful track, “Ye Raaste”. The song talks about chasing the dreams while enjoying the nuances of life. Ishaan dedicates this song to all the artists who leave their comfort and give their best to chase their dreams but in this hustle, most of them […]

“But Tonight I Wanna Cry” will make you go dancing and wanting at the same time!

Mumbai, 2nd October 2022: Mallika Mehta has recently released her latest song, ‘But Tonight I Wanna Cry’. The song predominantly gives out party vibes with contrasting deep lyrics. It’s a song you would dance to in a club as well as vibe to on a long drive. ‘But Tonight I Wanna Cry’ is based on […]