Atteev releases his latest EP ‘Look How Far We’ve Come’

Mumbai, 24th March 2023: Mumbai based Indie Artist Atteev who started his journey during the Covid lockdown is now all set to release his latest EP “Look How Far We’ve Come”. This is Atteev’s second EP, showcasing his transformation from a self-taught bedroom musician to a thriving artist in the industry. The title embodies Atteev’s journey and celebrates how far he has come in just a few years. 

Watch the song here:

The EP explores themes of gratitude, reflection, growth, dedication, and passion, as Atteev reflects on his journey and expresses gratitude to those who have supported him. The EP also encourages listeners to reflect on their own journey and be proud of their progress. With a modern pop sound featuring synths and hip hop drums, this EP is a musical journey through Atteev’s experiences and emotions that have shaped him as an artist. The songs in the EP include Come Home, Meant To Be, Getting Started, On Your Own and Look How Far We’ve Come. Atteev has released a very unique music video to the track Look How Far We’ve Come. The video showcases his entire journey as a music artist till date. Speaking about the track he says ” Look how far we’ve come is a record that perfectly summarises what the EP stands for. A record that is a conversation with my younger self, who always dreamed of being an artist and having his music reach people. This record also is one of gratitude, to everyone who’s been a part of this journey till now, and has tiny Easter eggs for each one of them. Look How Far We’ve Come is my most vulnerable record but also my most empowering one as it allows me to highlight everyone who has made my dream a reality.

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