Badal, the rising star of indie Indian Hip-Hop, is back with his new single!

Mumbai, 23rd March 2023: It’s been a long time, but Badal, the Indie Indian hip-hop rapper/singer from Safidon, has finally returned with his new single, “Paaya Maine”. The track, written, performed, and produced entirely by the artist himself, is set to be just a taste of his upcoming album, which he promises will be a game-changer in the Indian indie hip-hop scene.

Stream the song here:

Badal’s previous track ‘Vamos’ released a couple of years back and it featured Dr. Zeus and Raja Kumari. Vamos was a global chart buster and all his fans were waiting to witness Badal’s next project. With Paaya Maine, the wait is over and one can safely say that the talented musician definitely has a winner on his hands.

But then came the long hiatus when Covid-19 hit. Badal took some time to re-analyse his music and define it further, and “Paaya Maine” is the result of that, a powerful, soulful track that showcases Badal’s signature style of modern hip-hop beats. The lyrics are deeply personal, reflecting on Badal’s journey and thoughts.

Commenting on Paaya Maine, Badal says “Paaya Maine is not just a song, it’s an emotion. It’s a feeling which we all go through in our life and I am sure that the listeners will connect to it instantly. The track is really close to my heart and it’s just a beginning of the year, I have a lot in stored for the music lovers in coming time which will be revealed soon.”

The track is just a taste of what’s to come. Badal has been working hard on his upcoming album, which promises to be his most ambitious and accomplished work yet. With his unique voice, innovative sound, and heartfelt lyrics, Badal is poised to take the Indian hip-hop scene by storm again. So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the magic of Badal’s music. He’s back, and he’s better than ever!

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