Rohan Solomon calls for a mindful slowdown in his refreshing new picture-perfect video single – Serenity

Mumbai, 27th March 2023: The Global radio chart-topper returns well-rested after a short pause with his latest offering Serenity, a symphonic single that breathes fresh air into folksy indie-pop with its peaceful/meditative mood. Composer-producer and pop maestro Solomon moors into pristine mountain air, modern bluesy harmonies & a sweeping orchestral symphony on Serenity, which is accompanied by a quaint & rejuvenating music video shot in Landour, Uttarakhand.

Watch the song here:

The visual story of Serenity takes place at a mountain cabin at the foothills of the Himalayas and boasts pristine mountain air, modern bluesy harmonies & a sweeping orchestral symphony. The globally released video single is shot at the foothills of the Himalayas in a cozy mountain cabin-esque residence. Musical highlights include a trombone solo, Harshit ‘Hash Bass’ Misra on bass and a riffing guitar on Global chart-topping Rohan Solomon’s first release of the year. Finer embellishments include the percussion by Abhijit Sood (Soother) performed with jazz metal brushes on the drums, instead of regular drumsticks.

Serenity is a part of a larger story being built by the multi-faceted musician, vocal coach and audio engineer, through compositions leaning on a symphony orchestra. “Serenity is a song about escaping the daily chores of city life and work life and going to your place of peace,” says Rohan. The track’s music video follows Rohan through a regular day as he indulges in yoga, pour-over coffee, a hearty breakfast, hot cocoa catch-ups with friends and of course the Himalayan sun.

The New Delhi/New York-based artist hopes to alleviate stress and anxiety for anyone listening to this track. Taking a break from technology is another takeaway of Serenity. Rohan elaborates, “In the second verse, I talk more about the activities that I like to do there. ‘Set out for a long walk, no cell service, I cannot talk’ is a nod to the long walks I love to take, engulfed by nature, where there is barely any cell service.”

Rohan has also done some notable work as a producer in the last two years, including a Grammy submitted single – Kiara Chettri’s Why and global radio charting single – Deleted Your Number by Aditi Iyer.

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