Viniick’s ‘Dooriyan’ is a well crafted relationship story on its own!

Mumbai, 19th May 2023: Mumbai based indie artist Vikas Nishad aka Viniick has recently released his latest track ‘Dooriyan’. The track is a love song which portrays various aspects of a relationship accompanied with a beautiful music video to it. The track is produced and performed by Viniick and composed by Harjaspreet Singh and Viniick. The song is also opened by Viniick and Harjaspreet Singh.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track Viniick says “‘Dooriyan’ is a heart-wrenching song that delves into the pain and struggles of a distant relationship. The lyrics convey the emotional turmoil of two lovers who are forced to be apart due to work or other reasons. The song speaks to the challenges of maintaining a relationship when physical distance creates a sense of separation and isolation. The haunting melody and soulful vocals evoke a deep sense of longing and nostalgia, as the singer reminisces about the moments shared with their loved one. ‘Dooriyan’ is a beautiful and relatable song that speaks to anyone who has ever felt the ache of separation from someone they love.”

Viniick is a rising artist of the Indie music circuit who has been born and raised in Mumbai. His first major breakthrough came in 2018 when he produced the title track for the movie “Welcome Millions” with Shashaa Tirupati which also Qualified for the “91st Academy Awards”.

Check this track out over your coming weekend and have a great time!

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