TM Music releases “Befikar” by Meghna Mishra from MILAAP EP

It’s a journey that connect you back to your roots through music

Mumbai, 12th May 2023: Meghna Mishra’s new song “Befikar” from Milaap EP made its debut on 11th May through TM Music. The nostalgic masterpiece evokes happy memories of childhood and simpler days. The soulful vocals of Meghna Mishra and the moving lyrics of Akash Chopra perfectly convey the song’s sense of longing and nostalgia. Meghna’s EP, “MILAAP,” embodies the powerful intention of using music as a means to unite people’s souls, by skillfully combining the talents of various musicians to create a truly distinctive sound. This particular song is a testament to the EP’s overarching goal of bringing people together through the universal language of music.

In this fluid composition, Akash demonstrates his talent for creating melodic tunes with multiple levels of complexity. The song features Malavika Sreenath, who beautifully narrates the story as she takes a solo trip to visit her birthplace in an effort to relive her formative years and reconnect with her roots. The video depicts Malavika’s journey to her birthplace, perfectly enhancing the essence of the song. The video follows Malavika’s journey as she gets in touch with her roots and thinks back on her early years. It’s a touching tale that emphasises the significance of our roots and how it influences who we are. The video’s stunning visuals and Meghna and Akash’s entrancing music combine to produce a lasting impression.

Befikar, the first of 4 song EPs, is a perfect collaboration that showcases the idea of “union”, the Sanskrit definition of the word MILAAP. The upcoming EP reveres the innate capacity of music to unite different artists, energies, and elements.

The EP’s four tracks, all featuring their own distinct style and emotion, stay true to the theme. MILAAP is an emotional journey that transports listeners from the carefreeness of “Befikar”, to the soulful “Sachiyan”, the reflective “Khaali Panne” and the thought-provoking love song “Main Jaanu Na”.  The EP also showcases the ability of music to unite various artists and produce something truly exceptional through collaborations with gifted performers like Akash Chopra, Varun Jain, Sunny M.R. and Goldie Sohel.

“I am delighted to see how Meghna has harnessed the influence of music to produce an incredible and deeply moving EP, MILAAP,” said Rohit Sobti, Cofounder of TM Music. “Her collaboration with some of the finest and most accomplished musicians in the business is an outstanding example of how teamwork can produce something truly exceptional. We have demonstrated through MILAAP how music may draw together people and have a lasting impact on our lives.  TM Music looks forward to sharing more evocative work with music lovers worldwide, and we hope that this EP will raise the spirits of our listeners.”

Commenting on the release of the song Meghna Mishra, artist said,​​”Collaborating with different artists on MILAAP has been a chance for me to create something truly special that goes beyond traditional art and cannot be fully explained. This experience has inspired me to learn more about music. ‘Befikar’ is meant to make listeners feel happy and nostalgic by taking them back to their roots and reminding them of their formative years and I hope that everyone who hears it feels the same”

A number of well-known songs, including “Dil Udd Ja Re” from the movie Pagglait, “Meri Pyaari Ammi,” “Nachdi Phira,” “O Re Manwa,” and more from Secret Superstar, have set apart Meghna Mishra’s impressive career in music. She has received numerous honours for her exceptional playback singing ability.

Befikar was released on and all major music platforms on 11th May, giving a preview of the incredible EP that is scheduled to be released soon.

About TM Music

TM Music is an artiste-first label that focuses on promoting genre-neutral music and provides a platform for both established and emerging talented artists. They have released 35 singles from 15 emerging musical talents, including popular hits like “Kareeb” by Vishal Dadlani & Goldie Sohel and “Baat Nahi Karni” by Asees Kaur in its first two years of operation. Their team of dedicated music enthusiasts and professionals are committed to empowering and supporting artists while introducing global audiences to the dynamic and essential Indian independent  music industry. TM Music aims to be a catalyst for the growth and development of independent music in India and beyond. They are building a more interconnected and diverse music industry by prioritizing the 3Cs: Communities, Collaboration, and Cultural export.

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