Akanksha Sethi’s ‘Dil Teri Raah’ with BGBNG will touch your life

Mumbai, 19th May 2023: Akanksha Sethi is out with her latest release ‘Dil Teri Raah’. The song is primarily about following one’s heart and having the courage and determination to move out of comfortable spaces.

Watch the song here:

Talking about the song she says, “ ‘Dil Teri Raah’ talks about how each of us has a past involving certain people, situations, and memories that do not fit into our current growth, and it is alright to let go of them, holding them all in good faith. Life has way too many curveballs to throw at us, but looking at them as lessons well learned is what eventually counts. This song tells us that if one persists in life, they will always rise up in the most wonderful ways possible”.

Akanksha Sethi is a multi-talented artist from Mumbai known for her skills as a playback singer, songwriter, composer, and content creator. With a strong foundation in Hindustani Classical music, she pays meticulous attention to detail in her work. One of her popular previous singles, ‘Raaz Tera Mera’, garnered over 3 million streams, making her a popular name on India’s biggest Spotify playlist, Indie India. Additionally, she recently made her Bollywood playback debut with the song ‘Mann Mein Halchal’ for Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Babli hBouncer and has done a bunch of work for OTT and Ad films. Her previous originals, ‘Thoda sa Theher’ and ‘Winter’, were very well-received by notable publications, while her live session series, ‘Songs in the Dark’, is widely appreciated by her fans.

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