Mayur Rao beautifully expresses the unrequited love in his song ‘Ishq Tu Mera’

Mumbai, 28th December 2023: Have you ever had a feeling of loving your closest friend romantically but you know she is with someone else and can never be yours, but you will keep on loving for her forever? Well, this is the emotion of the song ‘Ishq Tu Mera’ sung and composed by Mayur Rao. This orchestral-soft rock romantic track depicts unrequited love in a fresh way and is definitely going to be a part of your song playlists.

Stream the song here:

Speaking about the song, Mayur who has also produced this song shares “Ishq Tu Mera is a personal emotion for me which is true and it will be there for life. It’s one of the most difficult songs I have made till now. It expresses the pain and pleasure, the sadness and happiness and also the gratefulness of loving that person even though the outcome is bound to be painful. I believe that you can keep on loving that person in your own way for life and that’s what I have tried to feel in this song. I’ve cried, laughed and felt a gamut of emotions while singing this song as it’s based on real feelings I am going through. All in all, it’s worth the effort I could put in this song. I hope you feel the emotion and the romance I felt in this song and it gives you hope that some love stories do not end”.

The lyrics of this song are written beautifully by Anurag Dubey who is Mayur’s frequent collaborator and partner and he makes sure that the vision of the song is achieved through his golden words successfully. The acoustic guitar strumming by Sagar Godavaria glues the track really well. The music production and the final mix is made in such a way that as soon as you hear it, it’s an earworm and will stick with you.

Mayur will be coming up soon with a 4 song multi-genre EP. It will be featuring 4 different artists who will be bringing something different yet exciting to the EP and it’s one to look forward to. ‘Ishq Tu Mera’ is available on all the streaming platforms. You do not want to miss out on this soulful emotional ballad.

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