“Khafa” by One Creative Mind is a poignant song for all to experience

Mumbai, 28th December 2023: One Creative Man, a singer songwriter from Dehradun, has released ‘Khafa’ recently. The song explores the intricate landscape of emotions, where feelings take the shape of whispers echoing in the corners of the mind.

Talking about the song Ravish Sundriyal aka One Creative Man says, “It captures the essence of those emotions that often remain unexpressed, as if articulating them would be a futile endeavor. Khafa is a manifestation of that simmering feeling, transformed into a poignant song for all to experience”.

Watch the song here:

The video explores the protagonist’s mental landscape, entangled in thoughts yearning for expression. It articulates feelings of disappointment and pain, portraying a girl from his past as a force diminishing the light within him. Treated in black and white, the video meticulously unravels a dark mindscape.

About One Creative Man

One Creative Man is the brainchild of Ravish Sundriyal, a corporate employee navigating the work between 9-5. Hailing from the picturesque city of Dehradun, India, Ravish embarked on a journey fuelled by his passion to challenge the ordinary. One Creative Man is a project designed to resurrect lost hobbies drowned in the tide of time and inspire audiences to embrace them once again. Breaking into a diverse range of content, One Creative Man transcends the boundaries of traditional artistic expressions. Ravish Sundriyal invites you to join him on this creative journey, where art and passion collide to form a unique and compelling narrative.

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