RetroMind releases their first pop song, and you won’t get over it anytime soon!

Mumbai, 26th December 2023: What starts with an intimate Lo-Fi vibe, becomes a catchy loop which will get stuck in your head. Presenting, All the Way – RetroMind’s first dreamy-pop song, which is about the complexities of relationships, figuring out the nuances of human behaviour and the power of love. With its dreamy melodies and real-like lyrics, the song captivates listeners, and invites them to share this infectious song with their friends and lovers.

Stream the song here:

The musical charm of this song lies in the blend of its electronic and seemingly acoustic elements, which build it up to the chorus. Under a month of release it has crossed over 1.6k streams on Spotify alone. The music and the lyrics drive you towards a destination, and the journey is filled with bliss, tension, and love. Part of the song includes a momentum of beats which extremely vib-ey for drives and hangout sessions. All the Way marks a pop genre that fits with all-chill moods and emotions.

About the Artist

Hailing from the vibrant city of New Delhi, Retromind is an alt/rock/pop duo known for their genre-blending sound and introspective lyricism. Comprising Aditya Gera and Keshav Bansal, the duo infuses their music with a unique cultural blend, creating sonic landscapes that resonates with the diverse emotions of their audience. The artists, grew up playing guitar together, with Aditya being the lead guitarist and Keshav being the rhythm guitarist and vocalist. From playing rock at night and being a nuisance to the guys next door, to writing their own music, the duo has released three singles in the past year.

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