Tips Music unveils “Latka” featuring the sensational duo, Zaara Yesmin & Siddharth Nigam

The song is a mesmerizing recreation of a timeless original by A R Rahman

Mumbai, 28th December 2023: Transport yourself on a nostalgic musical journey with the captivating vocals of Amit Mishra and Shilpa Surroch, skilfully composed by The Real Emotions and lyrically brought to life by Ubaid Taj.

This version of the song, destined to be a highlight on your New Year’s party playlist, seamlessly blends the charm of a classic hit with a contemporary twist. Siddharth Nigam reflects on the musical journey, expressing, “Collaborating on ‘Latka’ has been a heartfelt experience. The blend of nostalgia and contemporary vibes in this recreation is truly magical.”

Commenting on the song, Zaara Yesmin says, “Latka song has always been my favorite childhood masterpiece, I am thankful to the Tips team, that they considered bringing this song to life again with new beats & moves. I enjoyed the impactful lyrics & powerful performance while shooting. Collaborating with Siddharth Nigam and the brilliant team of Tips Music has always been a joyous experience. The track’s timeless charm and modern allure make it a special addition to the musical landscape. I’m thrilled to share this journey of dance & fun with our audience, and I hope they find as much joy in listening to it as we found in creating it”.

Watch the song here:

Singer Amit Mishra adds, “‘Latka’ holds a special place in my heart as it combines the nostalgia of a classic hit with a fresh, contemporary twist. The creative synergy within this project, alongside the talents of Shilpa Surroch, Zaara Yesmin, and Siddharth Nigam, has elevated this musical journey. “I feel the entire audio production team has done justice in terms of maintaining the nostalgia with the blend of the modern sound. Special Thanks to A R Rehman Sir for giving us this melody which is so organic in each of us till the Date. I would also like to thank Real Emotion for additional composition and Ubaid Taj for penning down the new lyrics”.

Shilpa Surroch, says, “‘Latka’ is a melody that resonates with the peppy beats of the moment, and being a part of this project has been a heartfelt experience. Collaborating with the talented Amit Mishra and the entire team at Tips Music has been nothing short of magical. The song’s mix of emotions and musical skill makes it a dance-worthy experience”.

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