Raag’s latest track ‘Jaana’ blends Indian lyrics with International Dance Pop

Mumbai, 21st December 2023: Raag has released his latest track ‘Jaana’ a vibrant pop fusion dance anthem that seamlessly blends Hindi/Punjabi lyrics with international dance pop beats. The song draws inspiration from Raag’s own experiences and observations of modern relationships, capturing the essence of love in the digital age. The lyrics, crafted in collaboration with talented lyricists, reflect the emotional highs and lows of love, switching seamlessly between Hindi and Punjabi to capture the nuances of modern romance.

Stream the song here:

Raag’s music is a reflection of his diverse life experiences, driven by a passion for exploring universal emotions like love and joy through his melodies. His performances, which serve as his canvas, exude a magnetic energy grounded in various musical styles that have shaped him over the years. The turning point in his career came with the launch of his chart-topping debut track, “ni margeni” in collaboration with UK artist Raxstar, expanding his musical horizons and setting the stage for an exciting chapter in his artistic journey. Raag’s music is a harmonious blend of Hindi, Punjabi, Afro, and Urban Pop sounds.

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