Talented Singer Songwriters Sayantika Ghosh and Prathamesh Tambe join hands to release their latest track “Fish,” on Springboard Records

Hope beyond hope, destroying the demons within and emerging victorious, Fish will be available for streaming and download on 30th June, 2021 on all streaming platforms.

Mumbai, June 29, 2021: Dreampop artist Sayantika Ghosh, whose music is popularly released as Ghoshpop, joins hands with naturally talented Prathamesh Tambe to  create a powerful composition. The new record will be available through her parent label, Springboard Records tomorrow, that is, 30th June 2021.

Prathamesh Tambe is a singer, songwriter and music producer from Mumbai, India.

Having started touring and performing his originals from his teens, Prathamesh has had the honour of playing at some prestigious venues around the nation and the globe. His main muse will always be honesty, and he believes every performance and piece of writing he produces are his attempt at courting it.

“Fish” personifies the fish who has fallen prey to bait. On realising what may befall him,  he makes peace with the trauma of leaving his loved ones. But as the song progresses, it seems as though he almost willingly gave himself to the other side of the water.  He says,

“I’m alright, I’m ok to gamble my life”

A deep understanding of our sentiments often reveals the inhibition of traversing the path less travelled and yet it is the willpower of self which changes it all and helps in crossing over to what looked impossible at one point of time.

Speaking on the song, Prathamesh commented, “Sometimes we find ourselves being drawn towards a life of uncertainty, danger or self-destruction. ‘Fish’ is about how these small errors shape us to become who we are. It’s about all those who have decided to look deeper within themselves – to reach the light on “the other side”, even if it means swimming through a sea of darkness.”

On the collaboration, Sayantika said, “I think this song is as special as it is, because it’s been written by 2 people very different from each other. Working with Prathamesh has been a very unique experience, because his approach to songwriting has always been a meditative process. And while he came up with the main hook of the song and spoke from the fish’s point of view, as someone giving themselves up to danger and despair, I wrote through the eyes of someone who wishes for a miracle, so the fish may breathe on land and live again. There are 2 sides to every story, and this collaboration has helped bring a feeling of wholesomeness to the song.”

Sayantika is a multilingual singer-songwriter, music programmer and vocal producer from Kolkata, India.  Her songs often engage the listeners with themes of self-reflection and nostalgia.   She got to showcase her music at Musexpo, Hollywood, LA in 2018. From 2020 onwards she’s released multiple singles, almost all of which have been covered by Rolling Stone, India, Rock Street Journal & Maed in India, among others. Apart from her English repertoire, she’s also released a Bengali song celebrating her roots.


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