‘Tum’: A Tale of Hope, released across streaming platforms

Mumbai, 28th June, 2021: Goa- based singer songwriter Kunal Dcosta and Mumbai-based Music Producer & Composer Nishat Chadha release their debut single ‘Tum’.

‘Tum’ was born out of the lockdown imposed due to the deadly Coronavirus. It resonates the isolation felt while we were locked in our homes and stared at the deserted roads hoping for a better tomorrow.

Even though the context is of an unhappy nature, the song in itself is very peppy, playful, and hopeful.  The song is addressed to a special ‘Tum’ –could be a lover, a friend, a family member and Hope– who is being asked to take us back to better times, those that were filled with joy and laughter.

Sharing more on the release Kunal Dcosta said, Isolation has changed the way we connect and communicate today because of the situation we are in. The song essentially talks about things we miss around us. Even though the listener will relate to these unpleasant times, we want him/her to feel hopeful that someone or something called ‘Tum’ will bring happiness back into their lives. Overall, we wanted a fun, easy to the ears and a relatable song.”

Nishat Chadha further adds, “Each one of us wish to be back to when times were better. When online weddings and birthdays didn’t substitute for the moments that we shared by meeting the people we love in person.   Back to the time when you didn’t have to assume if your friend liked your joke because you were not sure whether he was smiling under his mask. That’s the time we are asking to be taken away to in the song, the land of joy and smiles.”

Check the song out on the link below:

Song link: https://open.spotify.com/track/2smSCpe867pEtTgIJfAckj?si=e63da583dd6c4398

Song Credits:

Composed by Kunal Dcosta & Nishat Chadha

Lyrics by Priya Chadha, Nishat Chadha, Kunal Dcosta

Mixed & Mastered by Cyril Sajan

Artwork by Drishali Motwani

Studio Credits: Audio Masters Goa – Aurville Rodrigues

Recording Engineer: Konrad Rodrigues

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