“Chicken Nuggets”, Odyssey 147’s debut release is worth its salt

Mumbai, 30th June 2021: Odyssey 147/ O147 is a Pune-based band named after a certain bungalow no.147 where they jam. They are a group of enthusiastic musicians from diverse backgrounds and have been experimenting with incorporating a blend of funk-rock and prog in their sounds. They have recently released their debut single, “Chicken Nuggets”.

‘Chicken Nuggets’ was originally a placeholder for the instrumental demo over which I wrote lyrics. I wrote the song recalling a time in my life where I was going through a difficult time in my life and didn’t have anyone to share it with. Later while coming up with a name for the song we realised that the song could be from the POV of a lonely nugget left at the back of the freezer which ultimately finds its way out one day.

Even though the song might sound dark, it has a very groovy upbeat funk production and is optimistic. There is hope to see “sunlight and feel alive”, as the lyrics suggest. The song was tracked at Gray Spark Audio, one of the best studios in Pune. Adhithiya (@adhi_tavo) helped us record and produce the song, he added his unique touch and modern synth-based production to the song. It was mastered by Nitin M Krishna who is the chief engineer of the studio and Berklee alumni. He helped us take the song to the next level.

Check out the song and groove with it!

Song: Chicken Nuggets

Artist name : Odyssey 147

Spotify link : https://open.spotify.com/track/6X47j2VdKfNSO3Zp4P6Uny

Artist profile : https://open.spotify.com/artist/1BniHBsvFLUVvpl3qII63Q?si=GoPqjGF2Txyk28-OdM6ozg

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