Neuman Pinto puts family love at the center, as he journeys into the past with his new EP ‘Let’s Go Back’

Mumbai, March 17th, 2021: Bollywood playback singer and vocal arranger, Neuman Pinto has released his second EP ‘Let’s go back’. This four-track compilation is centered around the one thing that Neuman holds very close to his heart, his family. These ballads, which are in the same space as Neuman’s independent music, talk about many emotions like happiness, sorrow, hope, and most of all family love, that you experience at various points of your life.

Being a part of Bollywood and the advertising industry for over 15 years, Neuman made his debut as an independent singer-songwriter with ‘Give me some rest’ in 2019. He followed that release with his first EP, ‘Brave’ and three other singles prior to this EP.

Speaking about his music and this new EP, Neuman Pinto said, “My journey with music all these years has been very rewarding and this led me to look back and realize that it’s family and the many emotions we experience along the way that makes it all worthwhile. This EP is a tribute to all those who made this journey wonderful. I hope this music inspires everyone to turn around and recognize their moments of happiness.”

The title track, ‘Let’s go back’ features Neuman’s wife and popular Bollywood singer Bianca Gomes. It tells of a couple trying to remember the times when life was simpler, when it was just the two of them and their dreams of the future. The second track ‘If you Believe’ is about the kind of advice we would want to give our children, with Neuman talking about not losing one’s innocence, but instead focusing on the simplicity of life and knowing what’s important to you. The EP progresses with ‘Till tomorrow comes’, featuring singer Murishka D’cruz and is about overcoming egos and holding on to love and life. The final song ‘Over again’ is about making peace and coming to terms with our regrets.

You can hear the EP by clicking the link below;

EP Credits:

  • All songs composed, written, sung by Neuman Pinto
  • Additional vocals by Bianca Gomes (Lets go back), Murishka D’cruz (Till morning comes)
  • Produced by Shon Pinto (Lets go back), Neuman Pinto (If you believe), Roland Fernandes (Till morning comes, Over again)
  • All songs mixed and mastered by Chester Misquitta

More about Neuman Pinto:

Neuman Pinto is a Singer-Songwriter from Mumbai. His extensive experience as a vocalist and a vocal arranger in Bollywood has led him to work with reputed Music Directors like A.R Rahman, Vishal Shekhar, Amit Trivedi, Pritam, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Clinton Cerejo and many more. Neuman’s backing vocals and playback work in Bollywood encompasses songs like ‘Aazaadiyan’ and ‘Kahani Khatam hai’, from the movie ‘Udaan’ among others. Neuman started off his singing career with Conchorde; a Mumbai based a cappella group. After years of working in the Ad and Bollywood industry in Mumbai, Neuman finally released his debut single, ‘Give Me Some Rest’ in 2019, as an independent singer-songwriter. His influences include artists like Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Bread, Jim Croce, Michael Jackson and John Mayer. Three more singles and an EP later, Neuman released his second EP, ‘Let’s go back’ on the 12th of March 2021.

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